Q0817. Fight and being unable to “reach” each other in a relationship?


Are there people who have a relationship with their twinflame who, despite a very strong sense of belonging together, is very difficult with a lot of misunderstanding and struggle? Which problems / issues play a role for you?

Answer 1
Yes, I recognize that. Here too there is a battle that is invisible to third parties, but I feel it very clearly. My twin often gets too hot under the ground and he literally runs away. Either he makes sharp remarks, or he ignores me. And sometimes I am not too sweet either. Sometimes I consciously keep him at a distance by not saying too much to him, not standing close to him and not contacting myself. So we are both to blame for the fight. It is fear, and a feeling of inability that underlies this. There are also times when everything goes very smoothly between us, but they are more the exception than the rule. (Unknown)