Q0771. Lifelike dreams


I was abroad for a few weeks and during that time I had a lot of dreams about twin again. A few stood out in terms of lifelike, it was really like he was really there, touching me. There was so much protection and love. Who also has dreams like this about his / her twin and do you think there is contact from soul to soul at those moments?

Answer 1
That could well be, you read that often. I have no experience with that myself. I sometimes dream about twinflame, and that is just really the case that I see twinflame in a different person. A few times I had that while I had never before seen the person (they were always different people) who then had to represent twinflame and once I saw someone I know from before and that had to represent twinflame. I never see twinflame the way twinflame looks in real life now in this life. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Yes, I have had it again with great regularity lately. Twice even last week! Often I am aware of other dreams when I wake up, but most of the time I can remember the dream about ‘my sweetheart’. Tip: write them down in a diary or notebook with the date and see if you can discover a certain pattern in it. Or find out what happened in your everyday life after you had another dream. Is there a common thread in that? Questions that I ask myself are: what does this mean to me? or does he want to tell me something? Enjoy your dreams, even though they seem so simple. (Unknown)

Answer 3
I asked this question. Thank you for your response. I have had dreams like this for years. Sometimes also predictive with regard to him. When I wake up, it really feels like he was with me. I have to ask him (if I dare) if he has that with me … (Unknown)

Answer 4
I only dream about our soul mission, that we do something together or work on something together, dreams about our future cooperation. I have had two such dreams since last July (Wieweet)