Q0954. What do you dislike?


What do you find less about your twinflame or is everything perfect? Do you now look at a twinflame differently than at the beginning? Or do you still hate him or her?

Answer 1
I don’t hate anything about my twinflame. He is perfect even though he really isn’t, you know? Nobody is perfect. But everyone is good the way he is. My twinflame does have traits of character that I don’t like as much, but I am aware that they are also in me, otherwise they would not irritate me …. mirror mirror …

Answer 2
I don’t hate my twinflame, there will be people who do .. how can you hate your twin. I sometimes get the feeling that my twinflame comes up with stories, perhaps so that I don’t realize it’s twinflame. I also receive strange emails just too often. Maybe it is not true, but I do have such a feeling. I don’t mind, maybe I would do that myself if I had an email address.

Answer 3
I don’t hate my twinflame at all, quite the contrary. What I hate is the uncertainty. That I don’t know what I ‘have to do’ to get together. Everything indicates – including my inner voice – that I should not do anything or as little as possible. How can I reconcile that with daily life in which I can do and arrange many things? I also have difficulty keeping this special love and our special goal in mind when I live my daily life now. It is so far away from beliefs that I grew up with and that most people around me still have. Who knows that seems to have less trouble with that, how does that work? What I have difficulty with when it comes to him is that I feel that he does not always understand me. He spends a lot of time on me. More than the other way around. That is also because I am have a small child by whom I have always been distracted. And if it isn’t, I always have something to do or I just take my rest. I sometimes make time to be ‘with him’ and to give him love, but it seems that he doesn’t always pick it up. Anyway, I love him so much and I sometimes say that…

Answer 4
I now look at my twinflame differently than at the beginning. I idealize him less, but I certainly don’t love him less. I don’t think twinflames can do anything that would make me no longer love him. Sometimes I am angry with him and that is because of the contact we have, which is secretly and which means that I do not always know what is true and what is not. Troublesome is that twinflame love can also be very painful because all the ‘shit’ comes up. It is important to keep in mind that it is your own ‘shit’. Understandable if someone projects that onto his or her twinflame (but not very mature of course). Is probably common … I have heard that as a result strange things happen, such as stalking etc.

Answer 5
Hahahaha! Nice question. Let’s see what I hate oh how nice now I can really enjoy myself hihihi, he comes: what I do not like is …… 1. he claims me too much, is jealous if I have good contact with another especially with another man; 2. everything must go according to His rules; 3. he does not wonder how I feel moves badly in my situation 4. covers himself too much, is not fair and open 5. can sometimes be very blunt. I have already told this to my twinflame. Hopefully he will now read it again as a reminder. In a next comment I will mention his good qualities.

Answer 6
Well, I have not hated him, never had. But it is annoying that he acts nice to just about everyone, except me. The more stupid someone is, the better he treats that person, haha. Bit the upside-down world.

Answer 7
In a previous answer I had listed the lesser things of my twinflame in a list and promised to also come up with a list of positive things. Does he come … ,, does he come … ,, hmm (more difficult than I thought). No, there are his best + points: 1. he is extremely steadfast in matters in which he wants to be 2. loyal (in matters in which he wants to be) 3. has something protective about him, stands up for the weak (which he regards weaknesses) 4. works hard 5. caring 6. beautiful eyes and ditto haircut For the time being it is.

Answer 8
Yes, I look at my twinflame differently than at the beginning. At first I thought it was a ‘normal’ crush. Because I am not the type that just falls in love, and this was very intense, I resisted this feeling very much. After I discovered that it was really something special, I was able / dared to surrender to it. Now I can allow all feelings from myself, and enjoy it. Too late! I have never hated my zl, but I did dislike the intense feelings that I didn’t think I belonged to. He’s the way he is, and that’s good!

Answer 9 No matter
how naughty he was … I never hated him. What people thought of him didn’t matter. I didn’t care that he took another one, I knew it couldn’t be anything, I let them do it. Both knew nml. I could not stand injustice but I also said. No, I can’t hate that man, never. I hope.

Answer 10
Dear answer 3 (what does that sound like weird lol): I assume you are referring to me (Wieweet), your question is plausible, but in my opinion that has to be made faithfully AND whether you are a fixed horoscope sign or fixed characters around you almost daily after I went to live on my own 30 years ago, I have already turned 180 degrees in relation to my upbringing, long before I met my twin 4 years ago. I have always remained on myself, so I have not been strongly influenced. wake. “Lone wolf”, a single mother for 14 years. I am a sure sign (Aquarius) but air and mobile Ascendant (Virgo). I am not loyal to another, that also makes a difference, and only to myself and my twinflame, that is my blueprint. And it is fixed haha.
(Who knows)

Answer 11
I also can’t think of negative things about my twinflame. They must be there, because nobody is perfect. But so far I just love him, he exudes an enormous peace, which really attracts me. And not very important but also not unimportant, he looks good.

Answer 12
No, I don’t hate her either. Everyone has certain good and bad qualities. In the past she often walked away in my dreams haha. Over the years that has changed and I am very happy with that. It took a lot of time though. By the way, it is also a characteristic of mine that I really want to get to know someone well. And maybe it has been a reflection of my own behavior.

Answer 13
“Hating” is perhaps strongly expressed, but I cannot say that I love my twinflame as a person, I don’t like his personality. I feel something and it is probably the feeling of souls.

Answer 14
Multi-interpretability: for reasons unknown to me, my twinflame formulates his words multi-interpretable. So you can always do something with it and yet again! For him, this is a way to answer without (usually not or as little as possible) lying and without clearly speaking the truth. Although I think he finds himself very clear … apart. He can let his feelings speak, but they sometimes go in all directions. In any case, he never shows the back of his tongue. Vague story this? Hell yes!

Answer 15
@ 14; then you just have to pour in some alcohol, see if his answers are so multi interpretable. My experience with my twinflame is that he always knows how to speak out everywhere and never says what he thinks unambiguously. EXCEPT if he has drunk a little. Then his limits disappear and I suddenly get to see and hear the true twinflame. Then he no longer cares what others think of him and he dares to be vulnerable.

Answer 16
Answer 14 haha ​​so recognizable, this also applies to my twinflame. Reply 15 good tip!

Answer 17
There are qualities that belong to my soul love that I am literally disgusted with, so much so that it can make me sick. when I got to know him, he had a certain chill in him, which I found repulsive, terrible (he has largely eliminated it), but there was also immediately the completely other side an incomprehensibly incredibly strong love force, breathtaking, crossing all boundaries.