Q0770. Irresistible attraction


Dear people, I also have the experience of love for the twinflame. In my case it is about a lady I met 11 years ago when she came to do “vacation work” at the office where I worked. From the moment I saw her, my world changed. There was also a direct click between us. She was able to motivate and stimulate me and really created something in me. We have had a friendly relationship for a short period of 5 months. We did have nice nights out, but there was no kissing or anything like that. The contact was also gone in one go and I am not sure that blow came to the surface because it still dominates my thoughts. Through the internet I found her again but she does not respond to messages and even phone calls. We both have a family now. Would she be afraid of the contact because she knows there is a strong attraction or could it be something else? Thanks in advance.

Answer 1
I think she thought it was friendship and she went on with her life. Popping up suddenly in someone’s life can be confronting. That you think about her for so long already says that it is not yet complete. Try asking her this question right away or be patient for a reunion. (Unknown)