Q0563. Single or relationship?


I sometimes wonder, do single twins find it harder or easier than twins in a relationship? If you are “single” then you feel you are free to start a relationship with your twin, on the other hand it is extra frustrating than if that is not possible if your twin is bound. Sometimes I get the impression that “single” twins pull harder on their other half than the other way around. If you are in a relationship and you meet your twin, then you sometimes start to doubt your relationship and if you also have a family for which you are responsible, then that is extra difficult. Then you are confronted with a lot and sometimes you have to make choices … In all cases of course, follow your own path and stay close to yourself but who would have it harder?

Answer 1
I think equally difficult in all cases. I am single but I have a married twin. I honestly think that he pulls on me harder than the other way round, energetically than. It also depends on whether the single twin is easy on his own, good can be free.Or already very free of itself. (Unknown)

Answer 2
sorry dear twin for misunderstanding, anger, pulling, it is sadness, and maybe your sadness is much greater. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Single’s pull harder. loneliness is the worst. (Unknown)

Answer 4
In the end, I don’t know who has it harder, I am a free twin, and my soul love is in a relationship, and wants to keep it that way. Just like what you say, as a free twin you tend to pull harder, with the result that you often make it harder for yourself (and your immediate environment). On the other hand, I know that twin has a hard time with it, although we both don’t make a choice to quit each other. I have to say that I am very grateful for this at the moment, despite the seriousness of dealing with each other and the eternal lack, I like that we have never really given up on each other !. Sometimes we need space to get things sorted, but always come back together. As a free twin I find it difficult to live on, although every day is a new one. After meeting my twin, I have never been in love again, and deep in my heart I do not want anyone else anymore, that frightens me sometimes, I am not that terribly old. The idea that I will spend the rest of my life on my own sometimes makes me pull on him too hard, it took me a long time to let go of him in a certain sense. In my experience I could not (and cannot) believe that if 2 people love each other so much, they cannot choose each other. I respect his choices for choosing his children and girlfriend, I have learned a lot about letting go and loving the past. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss that, although the loneliness is sometimes terrible and the ongoing struggle between ego and love too !!. I try to rely on a higher plan and let go of everything to love myself as he does. He is and remains my ultimate mirror in it, and despite the fact that I am sitting here on Christmas Day alone, I wish him that he is having a good time with his girlfriend and children. I know we miss each other and how much he loves me and that is good enough for the moment !!!. Well who has it harder? …….. I don’t know, each his own path in the love of the soul … lovingly (Unknown)

Answer 5
When I first met my twinflame, he was almost married, two children. I was a single mother. Just before his wedding, he went on vacation, a vacation photo with an important message about us. Then the encounter because of that message. farewell message on the internet. After that he had three children and he moved. I lived alone again, without children. Then on his twitter a photo with two children, one resembles him the other like me. is confirmed by medium) in which a message for our next life (so the life after this life!) That was our previous life together. Our life is ruled by signs and symbols. Even over lives! And all the while we only pull together energetically, but I think that in turn, then he a little more and then I a little more. For my feelings, I don’t know either. But I think it is fify-fifty. We try to meet each other! We both have the same weight sometimes, and then we both have the same light. We continue to develop, that is the most important thing. (Unknown)

Answer 6
Yes, single or in relationship, stay close to yourself that’s the most important thing in this. And also the easiest way to deal with dividing factors. Or to deal with it smoothly. I sometimes assume that I am not looking for the twinflame, but I am homesick for the intensity that comes with being together with a twinflame. That all your chakras open, that you live from your toes, and that it all goes without saying, that cannot be described with a pen I sometimes feel that my twin does not need me personally, but that he has a desire for the twin intensity. And then, from that desire, he pulls. Or I pull. One of us is married, the other single. (Unknown)

Answer 7
I increasingly have a picture of the future of my twinflame and I as a circuit for cosmic energy, male pole and female pole. For that we have to: 1 let go of each other, 2 detach from everything and everyone (I go at a faster pace than him) and 3 forming a permanent circuit for cosmic unity. It’s not a relationship on human ground, it’s a circuit, that’s how I see it. – walking everything, oh no! I am more intuitive and already “know” it, take more risk, he goes for certainty. Through the many lives we have already done the preliminary work and the bond has become rare. (Unknown)

Answer 8
Single twins have it easier. You can easily think things through, don’t have to keep up appearances all the time (exhausting), and the twin is nevertheless never really alone. Also never really free again. second nature. Occasionally I need to pull extra hard, if my married twin gets used to the current status quo, then I give a sensitive tap, throw the bat in the hen house. Via his wife, because that is the shortest route from A to B. That intensifies the energetic contact between us. (Unknown)

Answer 9
If that “tension spring” starts to tension then it doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship … you want to be together. (Unknown)

Answer 10
Both have the same weight, only the processes are different. Both halves are in a transformation process. Only the person bound is still to learn a life lesson from his partner. The bound person often suffers from separation anxiety. The point is to what extent this is about being present with his / her twin. Single twin is all about patience. How jealous is this on the bound twin? The single twin often stays confused and just stops because they are literally waiting for their twin. Everyone has their own path to be walked on, for 1 this seems more difficult than the other, but do not forget that we are all different because of the different lives we have behind us (Alicia S.)

Answer 11
Yes, wait and be patient, it will make you simple. The twin who can’t / won’t and who doesn’t come, but who I really need as a person. How long do you stay ‘alone’? into eternity and can you then embrace that other person? my twin does not hear anything from him, not even at Christmas etc. even though it could have been easy .. how did it feel as a single? kl … am not dependent anymore but am sad that my twin dares / may so little, I do not know Feel abandoned again, a familiar feeling of past / past life, powerlessness of twin. Why would you get a distance? Because there are circumstances that twin does not dare to break through .. well then I feel alone, in the cold .. I cried deep inside the entire Christmas .. dear grtjs (Unknown)

Answer 12
Answer 10: Yes, that is interesting: The single twin often stays confused and just stands still because they are literally waiting for their twin. I have that too, sometimes I feel that I am standing still in my development. But I know also that I am in the last life and have learned all the lessons that I have had to learn. So perhaps that is why you have to stand still and wait. If you don’t have to learn anything anymore, then the waiting is blown, it’s no different. (Unknown)

Answer 13
I think you will continue to learn all your life, when will you be ready? maybe ready for your twin but then you will continue to come across things that are not finished yet .. I keep developing even though I am sometimes waiting for something ‘, you cannot escape that when you daydream about your love. try to work as much as possible on my life, my goal, my attempt to help others on their way, to become a little more aware, so no not wait too much, but work on yourself and your world around you. (Unknown)

Answer 14
To answer 8: You are not supposed to “claim” the contact. You can throw in your own windows with this. In the TP it is about giving the other person the space. As a result, the partner only becomes more attached to your twin and your twin thinks what he should do with such a “demanding person”. In this way you only make the Transformation Process longer! To answer 12: How do you know if you have learned all your lessons? Have you incorporated everything in your life? Have you accepted your past and forgive those who have caused “unrest” in your past? By standing still and waiting I mean that people are howling; thinking and pulling their twin with incomprehension. (Believe me that everyone has had this as well) The most important thing is that one lives his / her life as before meeting the twin,

Answer 15
nicely said Alicia, I also think it works that way, living your life and becoming / being strong, not getting carried away by emotions anymore, I am starting to learn it, it feels better all the time, you keep following your feeling and not pulling anymore , although I sometimes relapse for a while. (Unknown)

Answer 16
Yes that I have learned all the lessons I am confirmed by others, and they see my process up close. Detachment, that is what I am doing. When detachment started, a few months after meeting twinflames, the kundalini energy spontaneously free. And that only comes out spontaneously when you no longer need all earthly pleasures. It is still a kind of exam. (Unknown)

Answer 17
Answer 14 Yes Alicia you are right. I’m the one of the club in the hen house. I need rub points, it seems. I only do it once a year. You know, despite my work and so on, I’m bored, until my twinflamemate once a Satori experience gets …… Incidentally, I kind of believe that everything is already timed in advance, that’s how it has happened so far if I put everything chronologically in a row. So whether that transformation process really takes longer? Or does that just seem that way? My feeling says that everything happens exactly on time. (Unknown)

Answer 18
It is said that the time you meet with your twin has already been mapped out. Then why are so many people complaining that they don’t come together with the twin? Fate knows no time. Fate determines whether you have worked on your fears enough and then gives you a “gift”. With every progress you get a sign of fate about your soul love. This also gives us the power to continue. Your twin is also progressing gradually with you. Compare it to doing homework. If you don’t do your homework, you won’t get a pat on the back! You can therefore make your own transformation process run slower, but not faster. I went quite quickly that I could have built Cologne and Aachen in one day with my planning 😉 The stronger one stays and the ego is sent away quickly .. the more baby steps we can move forward….

Answer 19
Answer 18: Why are people complaining so much that they don’t think they will come together with the twin, you ask. I think: because we do not trust the processes of nature, or the destiny,. Maybe this can be traced to a lack of self-confidence. Perhaps because in today’s upbringing and society we are influenced by an excess of left-brain thinking. That everything must first be calculated, calculated, drawn, put in black and white, etc. Our current world is largely based on the left-hand brain. Unknown)