Q0564. Power?


If you are advanced; that is, you have struggled through many of your own fears and become a captain in contented independence; if you can place clairvoyance and kind of understand your soul love, you are aware of the power of love that is within you and feel the importance, enormous love of coming together … then you have to ask yourself a few questions. 1. are you more special than anyone else, no everyone has a soul love; 2. What do you use that power for? in the past there were people who started using this power for megalomaniac purposes; they started manipulating, ego-tripping, decorating, power-kicking … reacting … felt more powerful than everyone else. that sometimes goes unconsciously … I think that if you are fused with your soul love you run that risk less quickly, because love is so obvious, but still,

Answer 1 You use
that power, you are an instrument owned by. At least if you are fused with twinflame. Then you become more modest. I cannot imagine, after fusing with twin, how I can ever abuse that power, that power becomes power. Is immediately rewarded / punished. Twins correct each other. ( Unknown)

Answer 2
agree! continue to work on yourself and on you because you feel special, but mainly in love that you get and that you can give on. sometimes notice that I am approached very sweetly, sometimes I am amazed, hope I can continue to feel that way and that I will not become stubborn. misusing the power that Love is that can and may not .. do not think that twinflames want that, you are already a long way in your development to Love it seems a bit strange and I can hardly imagine it .. because then you bring yourself and another down again. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Yes, I think that after the fusion, you will be guided ahw Before the fusion has taken place, you may already have been extensively tested as an individual. Only then will the twinflame be given the opportunity to fuse together. is planned to prevent misuse of soul power. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Yes, I feel that too, so that you comfort each other very unconsciously, it remains painful to feel your own / his imperfection, to know that someone feels, but then again love. a lesson that is never finished, we will never be perfect, completely. (Unknown)

Answer 5
I thought this was such a strange, inappropriate question and could not imagine anything, I had no idea at the time which tube it should come from. And then you may speak idd about “scary” (my intuition didn’t cheat on me anyway), being LOVE and PURE is not scary! Dear questioner, keep working on yourself and keep looking for your own light, we have not met each other NOW for nothing, we are here to spread LOVE, let go of your ego, please! I will send you all my love and keep sending you, just as long as necessary, don’t be afraid, if you are pure there is no reason to fear … (Unknown)

Answer 6
Power comes from the ego. Love does not need power. Love has enough of itself. As long as you live by heart you follow ego that loves power. If you live from your heart, love simply takes over and you see how foolish power is. (Unknown)