Q0765. The ego


I have that annoying ego. I am completely relieved of it myself, but my soulmate is definitely not that far on soul level. When I contact him I notice that we are more and more on a different level. Who still has experience with this? In which the ego of his / her soulmate is still so strongly present and you have “conquered” your own? How did the earthly contact proceed?

Answer 1
I understand what you mean. As soon as I start to explain that it is unconditional love, he does not understand it and finds it strange. I have to let him go. I don’t even get into normal contact with him anymore. I think it’s a shame because the lack is enormous. I could have communicated better about unimportant things than he had been in my life. The deeper there he is not yet ready for me to love him despite everything is not understood. It’s okay. I just think it with me .. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Interesting question, a question from practice :-). I think that it is true that my twinflame is pretty well on a soul level, only unable to apply this in daily life (he cannot or dares not, in short, let himself be led by his ego in the earthly). Yes, and what does that actually deliver, a kind of never-ending story ;-), and a lot of frustration. And then the question what can and do I do with it? only one thing: let go, resign and surrender to…. everything has a reason, nothing happens for nothing. (I manage pretty well now, though I say so myself) (Unknown)

Answer 3
Do you want concrete examples :-)) – the 1 starts running as soon as the other person comes into view – the 1 is stomping and denying while the other thinks; who are you kidding? – a normal conversation is not possible, you are either stuttering or you cannot find words while you would otherwise never be bothered – go all the way in misunderstandings, while you normally deal with this quite sober there are also nice and sweet :)) – look each other deep in the eye with an all-embracing look – still have contact with each other from a distance, while being too close is “scary” – silently “call” each other from a distance, really laugh when it turns out to work and the other looks around – try everything to get to know each other in a “legal” way, and when you have found each other in it, is really woww It is mainly together trying to find a way to deal with it properly, I think, without condemning or pushing the other person, I think we liked that way, although it is still guard against misunderstanding if you don’t ” really talks ”especially if it is still a kind of one-way traffic, and then remains…. Love…. and unfortunately we cannot yet share that in the earthly, who knows (Unknown)

Answer 4
I recognize what you say … here on the site is a nice piece about a navigation system. Well, with every ego act of my twin, my navigation system was disrupted. I have now found a kind of decoder so that I know the way with and without interference (Unknown)

Answer 5
Just a question because maybe I misunderstand it completely? Isn’t ego on earth level and not on soul level? apart from ego the soul knows very clearly what it is like? and it is precisely ego (earthly norms, values ​​etc) that comes in between? (Unknown)

Answer 6
The only way to get rid of our ego is: to be vulnerable. Always and everywhere. That works best in the long term (!). A lot of twinflames are looking for safety instead of looking for unity. Yes, if you are not vulnerable, you will never succeed. If I feel / think / work from ego, then I immediately feel a removal with twin, energetic. Souls don’t know an ego. (Who knows)

Answer 7
It takes a lifetime to wipe out ego … and you also need ego in this life. it makes a difference if you understand this; then you also understand that t ego really needs to get away before you can use it again, and even then you go damn fast into the error, before you realize it yourself. if it is good then you have a soul love there that adjusts your minds. fortunately we never have to become perfect. (Unknown)

Answer 8
A lifetime to wipe out ego? I think you are born without ego, that ego accumulates in the course of your life I think … or am I wrong? … and we will never be perfect, isn’t that necessary? it might be a bit boring as long as you dare to look at yourself right, are you just the way you are, never forget that, love. (Vlinder)

Answer 9
Yes Answer 8 That is how I experienced it too, with every bite you get the ego piles up, so it seems. I cannot remember ever having had an ego as a small child. (Who knows)

Answer 10
I have been told by a medium (and I have read that several times) that you return blank on earth to learn your lessons that you have predetermined. You have therefore determined in advance what difficulties you encounter on your life path (build your ego on that) to learn your lessons, even your parents have selected them for you. And also when and at what time you meet your twin. Your soul has known it all for a long time, but as a person you are usually still unaware, that is why you for example “know” in advance (sort of instinct) to which hospital you have to haha ​​because that’s how it went with me (in retrospect) . That I now understand (did you not know that too?) Oh yes, that was why I had to be there and then or did this and that, afterwards it all fits and can be explained, it fits exactly in the big puzzle.

Answer 11
Ego, pfff I can talk about it. My twin has a lot of problems with his ego that gets in the way and can only be driven away by alcohol or the absence of third parties. I sometimes suffer from my ego because sometimes I dare not to be too vulnerable because I am afraid to show too much of my feelings. This also plays a role if there are third parties. If I am alone with him, then that entire ego falls away and I feel crazy. Can I be myself and so can he. But that rarely happens. (Unknown)