P0587. Transparency


In this life I have to continue without you
while I see and feel you so often
Continue with the knowledge that you are my twinflame and without knowing the purpose

Why did I have to get to know you
What was the reason for that?
If we keep running away from each other
And keep dressing our words carefully

Is there never a moment of total transparency, a glimpse into the soul?
It makes me so tired that I can’t do it anymore.
All those times I fell for you

Neither language nor sign on your part and I am at peace with it, it is good
Do you continue your process
Then I will do mine
And occasionally I will think of you with a warm glow in my heart

Shit I recognize it all so well I saw my twinflame at first sight last year, before we had seen each other we already knew that we would come together. We got to know each other via via, the moment she had heard from me she knew that we would come together and vice versa too. After our first message to each other until today, contact every day. First a few months had a relationship very intense, all perfect. Until she was troubled by separation anxiety  We still have a lot of contact, but it goes a bit with ups & downs … It seems like she was shocked by love, say it was all too much or something. At the same time, we cannot let go of each otherfeels very bad all. But I know that we both have to follow our own process before we can get back together. But I have no patience haha ​​so hard to let her go at this moment. At the same time I also have fear in me how should that work out if we are okay, I can give her everything, does she want to come to nl (she lives
abroad) and there are more things that go through my mind go, although I also know that if we belong together, I am sure that everything will be fine !!!