Q0752. Does your twin not like it when you read or write about twinflames?


It has happened to me more and more lately that my twin doesn’t like it (?) Energetically when I’m on this forum. Or that I read things that he doesn’t like so much that I read them. Afraid that I will be influenced? Do you ever have to deal with that? That your twin makes this known to you through your heart chakra the moment you read or write about twinflames?

Answer 1
No, I will never be bothered by that. After all, on this site you never know for sure whether it is your twin who writes, because there are so many soulmates here on this forum and they usually respond anonymously so it is a bit of a coffee-cup watching. Maybe you should take it a bit with a grain of salt if you feel appealed to it, it would be too beautiful and very coincidental, right? with so many fellow sufferers together and then just the one, no, I don’t believe that. Sometimes I think, the twinflame phenomenon is just like with storks, it used to be a rarity but nowadays everyone sees them flying. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Haha yes storks that last sentence is nice. My twin is not on this forum either, I feel that. He also does not know that I am posting comments here. A dull and heavy feeling in the heart region. So telepathic. And when I close the website, the heavy feeling is gone. (Who knows)

Answer 3
I think it is possible. I don’t write here often, but I do read everything and sometimes I think it could be a twin or someone else’s. Then I lay it down beside me and don’t think about it. But with some pieces I just know it is twin, then I get a certain feeling and then I know it is, then there is no doubt. I also have funny “see them fly” literally. (Unknown)

Answer 4
My twin just knows what I am reading and sometimes he is just listening to it .. so it doesn’t matter what I read or hear .. the other way around is not a shame. (Unknown)

Answer 5
That is very special listening! I also saw a question about clairvoyance, but no one had responded. Gosh, if that happens, do you still have privacy as twinflames? Can’t imagine something so good to be honest … (Unknown)

Answer 6
No, you no longer have any privacy on a soul level, and I do not think you have any privacy in this. It is just like molecules that regroup, it is so obvious that it does not get in the way. My twin and I do our best to create a kind of privacy “above ground” in our individual lives, but that too will become increasingly difficult but it always starts first at the soul level. Perhaps as a soul we have never had any privacy in this life. (Wieweet)

Answer 7
I don’t need any real privacy for my twinflame, so that I can know everything about me so that is not a problem, it is the same as talking in your head with each other according to me, there is complete trust between us, my thinking / feeling is becoming increasingly pure so why fear that he will affect my privacy..you are each other. He hears things or he experiences them at the same time as me .. can’t check it completely because I don’t really speak to him, but I know that he knows things about me that I haven’t told anyone .. so that feels like listening to me and sometimes hear a word from him. (Unknown)

Answer 8
I would not know why a Soul Love would not like that you are on this forum than that the other does not yet accept that soulmates exist. It can also be a feeling that you are busy on the forum and you feel more confident and self-acceptance becomes larger and in this way gets more contact with your ZL. The more you work on your own process, the more aware the other person will become. You are connected and you automatically take your Soul Love a few steps further on your life path. Gr. (Alicia S.)

Answer 9
Alicia apologies for this late reply, but Soul Love does accept everything personally, but I think souls can have mutual fear of influencing the other’s development process. As can be the case with mediums. not everything and can unknowingly give wrong advice. Once happened a few times and then my twinflame immediately jumps on top, energetically then. Because twinflames already know each other at soul level what their development will be. That fear works from the soul, not from the person, and is corrective, such as: “This rule does not apply to you” or “This case or this experience does not apply to us, do not dwell on this for too long”, something like that .Why then that fear or objection from my twin through my heart chakra, I don’t know. There is nothing to be afraid of what I read or see? Shall I have it with him, yes, yes. (Wieweet)

Answer 10
If the bond between you is so strong that you feel conscious when the other person reacts energetically to it, it might be something to think about. I think it is always important to stay very close to yourself and not to get stuck in something or to cultivate it in such a way that you start to believe in it, at such a moment your development stagnates and you are no longer open to your inner self. voice. A medium or a forum can be useful and pleasant as a tool, confirmation or outlet, but always make sure that only you or you know your own path and if your twin indicates “beware, this is not right”, do something with it and stay alert. If you are already that far together, I think you are there to help each other. (F.)