Q1261. How do you feel your soul love remotely??


How do you feel the twinflame at a distance? I know wnr he thinks about me, dreams..wnr he wants to write me message. I feel his energy remotely? Does anyone recognize this?

Answer 1
Yes I feel that even when I have her behind me in the car. I feel her character as she is and when she is happy or angry. I feel her when I am emailing another woman. And often when I when in debuurt am then there are songs on the radio that come as characters. (Unknown)

Answer 2
I also feel and know when my twinflame is thinking of me. He’s gay, so we probably won’t get together, but I think that’s a gift from heaven, because that’s not necessary at all. When I drive into the city where we both live, his soul always responds to a certain point. He then jumps in my car and does a joy dance because I am “in the neighborhood” again. We have lived 6 times within a radius of a few km in our lives, in different places in the country, without knowing it My twinflame believes what I say, I also like it very much, but has not yet recognized it… (Unknown)