Q0746. Fear?


After a long time I have contact with my twinflame again. The contact was broken because he went back to his wife and child. We do fun things together, but the next day I send a nasty text message or e-mail to him. It is a defense mechanism because I am afraid that he will break the contact again. I know it’s fear and I don’t have to be afraid of losing it. If he is not ready yet, he will go back to his wife. Yet at that moment I don’t think clearly enough and I send those annoying messages. My twinflame has really had it with those messages and I can understand this well. I only do this out of love, but in a negative way; fear. Do you have any tips so that I can ensure that that peace stays with me? What is the best way to send back that fear? If I can’t send that fear away,

Answer 1
Don’t be so hard on yourself. you rise because there is another person recognizable in the game. fear is a bad counselor. follow your heart twinflame or not you remain human he he gets tired of it..yes well ?? but yes he works it in the hand I have broken contact for the same reason I was always afraid to get rid of him impossible that you know maybe it is now time to focus on yourself without him. I understand that THAT is the intention of twinflame love and now that I do. the loss is much less. I cherish what we had and know that he will come back when he is ready with the other person / with himself and then I have remained faithful to my heart and to myself and also grown (Unknown)

Answer 2
In my opinion, love is more than just bliss and beautiful things. Love also includes fear, jealousy, insecurity, etc. The only way to reduce fear is by embracing it as a part of yourself. Acceptance also means that a negative emotion diminishes and eventually disappears. What you focus your attention on becomes bigger. See fear as a little monster with which you have to learn to dance, instead of fighting him. If you fight him, he will only become more aggressive. How do you proceed to accept? Easier than it seems: allow the fear, go all the way in, go through it. Not by giving in to it and sending him more nasty messages, but by seeing it on your own. You will see that you will see light again at the end of the tunnel. Not easy,

Answer 3
Dear darling, and I will just respond here because, as you know, I don’t like misunderstandings. If this is about me, because I never know then it is not right. May I help you to remember that you wanted to be left completely alone! and I thought that was a good idea because you do not want to be constantly submerged by you. And your message from yesterday touched me, but last night I just became very clear and thought, shittt he can do it again, I will react again, and because I never know if it is real or if you play a game I sent a message afterwards. So no fear at all with me, but I just don’t want it this way anymore! So either, it was sincere and then you make me happy or you are laughing again because I got caught in it again. I just don’t know about you and that confusion you have caused yourself unfortunately. Do not hope that you are very sad because I do not want to hurt you xxx (Unknown)

Answer 4
It is the reptile brain that causes these kinds of reactions. The same brain that takes care of our self-preservation, self-protection, and securing our material values. It works both ways. It will be a nice power struggle, as you can read from the last reaction. Is that correct? (Wieweet)

Answer 5
I have recently again been in contact with my twinflame and although we do not want it, fears are coming up again. Remember that this is a new situation and do not compare with what happened at the time. Try to turn those fears into something positive as quickly as possible. You know that your twinflame loves you. Do not send an email or SMS back too quickly. Read it carefully again later and improve the points that may sound ambiguous. Immediately be positive and try to keep it short. (this has helped me very well) The more you think, the more ego sees its possibility. Will be alright Gr (Alicia S.)

Answer 6
Yes Alicia, but I still find it difficult when things are not “really” pronounced, only to really trust your feelings. Perhaps it is fear, I do not know, I believe that it is never good to completely switch off your mind and act purely on the basis of your feelings. I also often respond primarily, straight from my heart, I am someone of “what you see is what you get”, no frills. Perhaps not always wise, so then you have learned to think first, but as you say, the more you think, the faster ego will reach. So a bit double, it is sometimes difficult to find a good middle ground. (Unknown)

Answer 7
I know exactly what you mean. I myself have that too. However, think of him. I know you feel betrayed and sometimes don’t understand. Try to love him as a person, a good friend. Also understand his fears. He loves you, but he is afraid of running away from his family. No one will ever mean to you what you mean. Don’t hurt him, and love him unconditionally. The more you respond in this way, the more you let your EGO speak. Ego keeps you apart. Overcome those earthly jealous tendencies and grant him everything. He will appreciate it so much. Take a little distance in yourself so that you are not so deeply touched. And show him that he can always come to you … you do not judge. The more you push, the more likely he is to take a distance and go to her. What helps me is to write these texts, but not send. In this way you lose it, but not to him. Show him in a different way that he hurts you with that. For example, if you are a little distant, but just normal and don’t talk about it … he will do his best more. Don’t ask him to do anything. Let everything come from him. You will be surprised how well this works. More importantly: Continue your life, love yourself and don’t wait for him (while you are still the same with him). The more you let go in your own head, grant him everything and continue to enjoy your beautiful life, the more he will lean towards you. twinflames or not, YOU deserve to enjoy your life every day. Take a deep breath and say to yourself “I’m going to enjoy my life. And if he wants to be with me then it’s beautiful. If not, then I will not waste a minute of my time on negativity and enjoy the friendship and love that we have. If he wants to be with someone else, then it is a pity. I have done everything and I do not regret anything. ” But really stop those negative messages. That is really weakness in you. You must be so far above that. Know your limits if something hurts you too much. And try not to depend on him. You will succeed, I know! Success! (Unknown) And try not to depend on him. You will succeed, I know! Success! (Unknown) And try not to depend on him. You will succeed, I know! Success! (Unknown)

Answer 8
You already say it yourself: “… when things are not” really “spoken …” If there is no talk, outsiders and especially ego will come between you. It is much easier to withdraw yourself than to talk about feelings. The fear IS already that we ourselves withdraw because we might get hurt (if we talk about our feelings). There must first be trust when we dare to express our feelings and trust takes time. Ego benefits from “the distant” and tells us that we must help our twinflames. From the ego we must ask why our twin does “distant” and start “pulling” so that our Soul Love takes more distance and holds on to the old familiar. In short: Talking is very important. First try to be honest and open about your feelings. Your Soul Love will follow automatically. Respect the other person if he / she is not yet ready to talk about feelings, by giving the other person space. Your Soul Love must go through that part of the process itself and cannot be helped with that. Gr. ps I can also use my own advice (Alicia S.)

Answer 9
Thank you answer 7, I may not be the person asking the question, but I think your answer is so beautiful and helpful that I printed it out and carried it with me. Clear and concrete, just what I need, my thanks and respect! (Unknown)