Q1326 Lost?


I have experienced signs, felt his physical presence, felt his emotions that caused me to get up in bed in the morning, I was “awakened” by the Universe at night and I seemed to hear a real confirmation, I heard a voice that told me to do something that had to do with him and I ran into him there. And yet I still feel terribly lost. The last few days I am in danger of collapsing under my own insecurities. Does anyone have any tips? I haven’t felt it lately, or maybe it is, but I don’t notice it. I feel incredibly lonely and desperate?

Answer 1
Hope that you feel better now. Try to let it go a bit. A soul-loving bond is never really lost, it is always there. Trust the universe, it will all come out right in the right way. It just doesn’t usually work out exactly as we want. Get well soon!

Answer 2
If you are really fused together you can never feel lost.

Answer 3
Yes, recognizable to me. I met my soul love in a choir. He always looked at me at certain texts and then there was tenderness, or a tunnel of intense energy in which time and space disappeared. He is 20 years younger and we both have a partner. I felt heartache, confusion, got dreams, cried very quietly at night. In the meantime I didn’t understand a thing, when I looked at him I didn’t find him particularly attractive. But sometimes he just sang bits of songs (such as eres tu) and when I looked at the translation of the text or listened to a song (bat out of hell, the show must go on, made in heaven etc.) I was too to cry. After a year and a half I admitted to myself that I apparently loved him, he was ‘always on my mind’. In my heart I followed flawlessly how he was, I sometimes didn’t know if it was my or his emotion. In the meantime I felt guilty, because I have a great relationship with my partner and it was like the feelings for him! m between my partner and me. After all, I wrote a frank letter and asked him for honest communication. He was shot in fear and has not wanted to see me since and has asked me to leave the choir, he sees it as a threat to his relationship. I did that out of love for him, I know he needs many years to face all kinds of fears. It also gives me relief that it’s over, I can now just be present in my own life again. And everything has been set in motion for both. I am learning to use my inner loving self more and more for myself. Intense experience, there is a lot that i will never understand. Something in me keeps hoping that he will make contact someday, even in 20 years. But there is also a peaceful though mildly sad thing inside that accepts how it went. But through the countless songs we communicated flawlessly, we both knew what happened and actually that recognition was enough, regardless of what was said afterwards for fear of stupid things!