Q0740. Intimate contact with twinflame?


I had a visit from my twinflame all night. Very pure in my dreams we made love very intensely / in sleep-wake moments / I felt his presence. That went on all night. It was such a special feeling. He has already visited me astral, but this was unique. I long for him so intensely now, but he is in a relationship and I am married. What does all this say? That he longs for me enormously?

Answer 1
How beautiful! I hope to experience that again. I have often kissed with my twinflame and made love in dreams, but that was in dreams, not between sleeping and waking. Was this the first time you visited him at the astral level? Have you done anything special for it (meditation for example)? (Unknown)

Answer 2
That means that you both have consciously been together all night. I have experienced this very often with my twinflame and it has been confirmed by both of us. The hard thing is that this feeling never goes away and denying does not work either. Try to see at your pace how everything is and will run. You need all your strength, because this is a very difficult period. But be positive, because it’s beautiful. Best that you will ever experience. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Yes I recognize it, my twin visits me (astral) regularly at night (I think he is always there), feels very familiar and nice. Sometimes it’s just very close to me, sometimes we make love and sometimes I have to send it away lovingly because otherwise I’m lying awake half the night , I really need my sleep right now. Enjoy it! (Unknown)