Q0739. I did something wrong?


I did something wrong and I’m afraid my twin will find out. Do you think your twinflame will know if you have done something that is very wrong and you want to keep it hidden from him? I do not want to go into the details, but it is something I am not proud of and I prefer that he does not know. I feel a lot about him, but I don’t know if it is the other way around, and I hope not in this case. What do you think?

Answer 1
Yes, I think he feels it but not consciously. Twinflames unknowingly know everything about each other and therefore this too. The soul knows no revenge and no shame, you must be unconditional, so you must also be open about your ‘wrong deeds’, because that’s how you block him in my opinion. (Who knows)

Answer 2
Personally, I think the other person must also have recognized you as his twinflame before you can sense that you have done something wrong, regardless of what that is. I also have too little information about your current contact: do you see each other regularly? Is there talk of falling in love with the other person? If there is regular contact between you, he might suspect things based on your behavior, but for remote sensing, I think the recognition should be mutual. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Girl, that would all go very far, think it’s about experiencing “higher” feelings together! Do not believe that all your steps and actions can be followed by him. And besides, if there is anyone in this world who can forgive you, it is he, nobody who knows you better, nobody who loves you more !! Don’t let the ego scare you! Success. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Yes he will feel that there is something. Maybe not directly ‘what’ but in totality. Secrets do not exist between twinflames, they are always felt. The beauty is that this love is unconditional. As long as you are honest and say to your twinflame how you would say everything in your head to yourself, you will always be forgiven. Maybe not right at the start, but you have to give him some time. Say why you did that (eg out of fear, etc.) and that you want to be honest. But if it is something he does not need to know if necessary and which does not mean and will only hurt, you may want to save him that. As long as it does not bother you, he will not easily notice. But in general, twinflames feel everything. (Unknown)

Answer 5
There is nothing wrong, everything has a reason, there is no guilt, was invented by the ego, I have sometimes done something that I later found very unpleasant, but it was to continue to feel that that it is no longer, and yes you are disappointed that you are so connected, but feel guilty? stop it! it has nothing to do with Love, but everything with fear, show each other everything and also your less beautiful sides, because there are also, twinflames have no secrets for each other, I am glad that I like all things of my twin because I know that he loves me intensely, despite the fact that I notice so little of it in the earthly / clear being .. and that is a pity, but that will also have its reason .. (Unknown)

Answer 6
Answer 2; I think you are right about that, only when he has recognized me as his twinflame can he feel something like that. About our current contact; we see each other fairly regularly. There is talk of falling in love / attraction from both sides but this has never been said. I notice it from a lot of things such as non-verbal behavior, the things he says, his looks and touches. He is also not yet aware of it, does not want to admit it completely. What is so is that I have regular telepathic contact with him. Talking at a distance. That is why I was afraid that he would know everything about me. I think he knows it at the soul level, but since he doesn’t get it, he doesn’t know, are you still following me? To answer 3; Reassures me. That not all of your steps and actions can be followed by the other. I know and feel a lot about him from a distance, but indeed, not everything he does. It is more global, and more a feeling that I then get than that I see the action in my head say. I don’t know if he would forgive me for being in his house when he wasn’t there. Because that is what I have done, I have actually shamed his trust. And the worst part is that I don’t feel sorry. I did it from an intense feeling of wanting to be with him for a moment, in his environment. To see how he had left his house when he left. It helped me to get certain things I wanted to know, but of course it’s not neat, to say the least. I then hear in my head that saying “What you don’t want you to do …. etc ”but if he did the same with me, I would rather like that than annoying. He can see and know everything about me. I would feel flattered. I just sat there, looked around at the books he had, sniffed his scent, and then I went again. I now understand him better and feel even more love for this man. Although I should never have done this. And I won’t do it anymore. (Unknown)

Answer 7
Answer 3 again … first of all I think it is very clever that you dare to confess it at least here !! my respect for that … no, maybe not completely clean, although you need a lot of guts for it, but I can understand it. frankly, I would also feel flattered if my twin did this to me. When the time is right, and you can be open to each other, can you still tell? Then maybe you will laugh about it, wonderfully adolescent. Yet I would not do it again, and I hope for you that it stays this one time, you will have to give him space, in the end it is his privacy !! luck, maybe the whole world can still be open to you !! (Unknown)

Answer 8
Yes, you are exactly the same number 7. I am the questioner and whether it took guts; well i don’t know. I felt such an enormous desire to be in his space for a while. I am not proud that I did it. But I don’t really feel guilty about it either. That it stays this one time is certain for me. It is his privacy and I have nothing to look for except in which he allows me. That one time confirmed me in what I thought about him, and in that sense it also brought me a little further. But is purely confirmation of what my “higher self” already knew. (Unknown)

Answer 9
If he really loves you, if your love is unconditional, he will be able to forgive you everything. And I know that it takes a lot of courage, but that makes it a challenge: talk to him about your mistake. Find a suitable, quiet moment that makes you feel good and when you’re alone with him. Take a deep breath and tell him. With this you at least show that you trust him, don’t you? You open yourself up to him, you admit your mistakes. Ask how he feels about it, it is always good to know for sure what the other person is thinking. This way you prevent uncertainty by continuing to ask questions. Do you think you are really soulmates? That will last even if the other person makes a big mistake. And who knows, maybe he doesn’t mind your mistake at all. In any case, if he forgives you, do you know that your relationship can have a lot … It does indeed take a lot of courage to tell, but withholding things is never good. In a soulmate relationship, I think it’s important that you can talk about everything, that you really try to be open to each other. If you open your heart to the other, it will be fine. Then do that too. Goodluck! (Unknown)

nswer 10
Dear writer, or you’ve done something wrong or not and whether he feels it or not; what’s wrong !? Do the things that make you feel good and it doesn’t matter if your twin feels and disapproves. The point is that you remain independent in what you do and do not do. Don’t lose yourself in him but become yourself. Focus on your own life, dear writer. (Marjolein)

Answer 11
I couldn’t have said it better than the one in answer 10. It’s about staying close to yourself and your feelings. That you do things that feel good to you. And if he doesn’t know it, doesn’t notice it … what’s wrong with just being in his house to sniff his scent and energy? If you don’t hurt him with that, don’t sniff his stuff and just get there, I don’t think anything is wrong with that. (Unknown)

Answer 12
Answer 10 and 11, well if he does not notice it? He KNOWS, I am convinced of that. He just knows everything about me without words, and vice versa. We are open books to each other without ever having said this to each other. Very strange but true. I often know exactly what he thinks, we finish each other’s sentences. And just after this happened, he offered to look after my house when I had to go on a business trip. I have a cat that needs care, and he wanted to do that. I declined because my sister had already agreed to do this. But I am sure he would have done the same to me … From the urge to find out more about me or actually; get confirmed. That is it. You want to get certainty about everything you think you know about the other person. Now learn to trust that I just KNOW without seeing it. (Unknown)