Q0675. Intervene universe or …?


Who also has experience with this? my twin and I really want to see each other but because of uncertainty, ego or whatever it goes wrong every time, it seems as if the universe is intervening .. Is it not yet time .. at the moment I get only one each time bird, one swan. A friend said; “the other is sitting on the nest, hatching something” … I hadn’t thought of that yet, it just made me sad, those signs, so is it patience? as if you are playing in serendipity .. it breaks me every now and then but every time I scramble up and go in love thinking of the sweetest man, but on and on but sometimes I am so tired and absent, who recognizes this?

Answer 1
I recognize it all too well. And it breaks me often too. I am now again in such a period that it is difficult for us to act that we cannot be together. As if it is made impossible by the circumstances / universe. I saw my twin this weekend and he was also very aloof, but at the same time I feel and know 100% that this is an outward attitude of him. On the inside he feels it very differently but he also knows that it is not possible and may now. So frustrating. There is nothing else for us to do but to have a lot of patience and let the other person go in love to learn his lessons. Twinflames really come together sometime, really. You must have that confidence. But when, that’s the question. Feels so hopeless sometimes? (Unknown)

Answer 2
Yes I often have that, but today all signs are positive again … double numbers, lovely people I meet, who are familiar to me, everything is right, but also very slow road users, those Sunday riders who go for me exactly drive, normally I tear around it and now I thought; ok .. lesson in patience .. those signs I can sometimes laugh about it. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Yes, think the universe will intervene … if you want everything, but it is not time yet. I also want anything but if I want to take a step myself it will turn out to be nothing. So dear twin we will really have to be patient. And then it will come naturally, someday I hope and I think so. But it is often so heavy and difficult. But I also believe that you should not force it and that you really have no influence at all. (Unknown)

Answer 4
I just received a nice esoteric / spiritual spell (twin is not very fond of haha) via my mail; ‘if you believe it will succeed you will see opportunities, if you believe it will not succeed you will see obstacles’ so for me only opportunities, all you encounter are signs and chances to move on. when the time is right I believe so .. love. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Today another bright spot, he was very close for a moment and that feels so good. I saw him for a moment … it must have been like that. (Unknown)