Q1185. That enormous soul bond, but no love partners?


We have lived together, have gone through many experiences, experienced intimacy in the beginning, but he blocked, so that was not done. After almost 4 years, our paths continue to cross each other, we have a lot of contact, and after sometimes, a huge fight, in which we can both be rather dominant and crude to each other in turns, we reconcile it .. and after each other a while not having seen, we come back together again .. we go out to dinner, talk, sometimes together to a meditation. we sing together and laugh, sometimes talk seriously .. but being together as love partners … no so .. but still .. that deep bond …. who recognizes this or can give an answer?

Answer 1
Is there anyone who knows an explanation for this?

Answer 2
I experience that too. It cannot be explained exactly. Being able to share and say everything to each other. Accept each other as we are, love each other and at the same time reject. A relationship, but anything but a love relationship because that might not work ?! Ever tried but due to circumstances or ourselves we could not continue. I ended up getting married and after a few years without contact (but knowing that we are still somewhere) we now have contact again. and it’s like before. How it comes, no idea. But it is frightening and satisfying at the same time, you are vulnerable to the other, because the other looks directly into your soul. Without asking or without having to, it just happens automatically …

Answer 3
It may be a sign that you have nevertheless met your twinflame. When I met my twinflame 31 years ago, I immediately knew it was her. 23 years ago we had a short, intense relationship of 6 weeks. However, I found love to be so pure, tenderness so important, that I found sex in the relationship at the time as something defiant on the love relationship in its clearest form. After 31 years I have met my twinflame again. The first meeting was again spectacular as 31 years ago. However, now I feel physically attracted to her and the sex is overwhelming like never experienced in life.