Q0738. Charles and Diana twinflames?

Who knows

Now that it has been almost 14 years since Diana Princess of Wales has passed away, I refer to an article that has been roaming the internet for years and that has also been in brochure form in bookshops, nml. that she and Prince Charles would be twinflames (Essence twins). Personally, I believe that on the one hand, she said in a TV interview that they formed a good team professionally (twinflames are always bound to service to others when they work together, and they did), but that housekeeping is all around the English royal family was floating a wedge between them. Also a recognizable theme with twinflames! But: what I miss with them, as far as I can remember, is the mirroring. Did they mirror each other? I didn’t notice it that way. I quote from Cormael’s play: “Although Diana and Charles are Essence Twins (Twin Souls) they could not help each other; their personal lessons were too different. They could only give each other the opportunity to shape their personal lessons; because that is what Essence Twins do for each other! ”What do you think, were they soul winners?

Answer 1
I rather think that Charles and Camilla are twinflames. They mirror each other perfectly, also resemble each other, look at their names. If you read the history between the two, I think these twins and not Diana and Charles. That was rather karma. (Unknown)

Answer 2
According to Cormael, Charles and Camilla are soulmates, soulmates, not twinflames. I quote: “… Prince Charles is a good example of this. He is a 1st Level Mature Soul. He has tried to engage in huge pieces of emotional drama, but he felt very uncomfortable about it. Hence all those trips to Young Age games such as polo, hunting, and horse riding with a 7th Level Young Soul, Camilla Parker Bowles (a good soulmate by the way) ”. (Who knows)