Q0777. I get confused


Why does he act so aloof and then not? I am very confused about it; my twinflame who then comes relatively close again and is frank, and the next time we talk or see each other is aloof again. As if you are being thrown back and forth. I myself am always pretty much the same in my response to him; friendly, accessible and also enthusiastic. But he alternates between two extremes so that I seriously wonder whether he feels for me what I thought he felt for me. Is this the well-known attracting and repelling?

Answer 1
Yep: so recognizable! Me too, but reading all the other experiences of others gives me strength, I now know that to begin with I WILL BE RECOGNIZED! and that is quite a lot. And furthermore I now know for sure that I am not crazy, meaning that I have been right all the time. That rejection and attracting will always be there until you get together. (Unknown)