Q0736. Freed because of predestination?

Who knows

It strikes me that often 1 half of the twinflame is free-spirited (like me, a bit even gone) and the other half still have a few things to work out with another partner. Is it that the first one is so free-spirited BECAUSE he belongs to the twinflame and therefore never to another partner? In that case it is therefore not only a matter of character but also of predisposition? And can a predestination last so long, even 30 years?

Answer 1
With us it is the other way around; the male half is very free-spirited and difficult to commit so far, and I have been in a relationship with children for a long time and actually live the exact opposite life. Whether that is intended? I think so. Both halves have different things to learn. What I find strange about us is that although he is the free-spirited half, I am the one who is the most spiritually distant … do not misunderstand this. I mean that I fully understand the concept of twinflames, and he probably never heard of it and is not really busy with things like this. His eyes open only very slowly. And as I have written before, that process will take around 30 years. (Unknown)

Answer 2
A twin relationship is indeed the most free-spirited relationship, because you do not claim each other. Occasionally you meet each other, or regularly, and you feel the unconditional love, no expectations, being only for each other and letting each other go as easily again and feeling that I will just see my twin again. I had to wait about thirty years before I could see her again and my experience is like it was yesterday that I last saw her. Weird, is not it. And then I also feel that I love her as much as I did 30 years ago. So with this experience, if I would meet her again, I could let her go just as easily, but at the same time I would love to see her again and talk to her again. (Unknown)

Answer 3
I was the questioner and I am the free-spirited, but miles more spiritual than my married twin. But that’s going to catch up soon, I think it’s going to make a giant leap. I increasingly have the feeling that we in Belgium will end our lives someday. Before we met in 2008, there had been a preparation “behind the scenes” for many years, and I think that is always the case before a meeting between two people, morphic fields are created. So it’s not that free-spirited either. (Who knows)

Answer 4
I think you are right answer 3. We are also miles more spiritual than us. No, not really, he is but he is running fast for it. That is the difference between us. I now feel it is my task to show him very gradually that spirituality is something that is normal and normal in our daily lives, and that I am not floating. I would love to give him a Reiki treatment, and hope that someday he will ask for it. Recently I also told him about my dreams. He does not respond negatively to that. It’s true; the universe helps us with this task, but we cannot rush. I just have to find peace in that! (Unknown)