Q0734. What now?


Now that there has been text contact … what next? Nothing special sent but it remains difficult. It’s hard because I pull him too much. I have to let him go, not to let anything be heard. He may find it annoying or difficult because he is not sending anything back now. If my friend notices it, I am outside with my suitcases and child. My friend is my rock in the surf, he is always ready. I run a huge risk and yet I cannot and cannot miss it yet… The gap is filled by the texting contact. I hope we can continue the sms contact but I’m afraid not … He is doing me so much .. really unhealthy so much … Letting go .. I know but still do it now … why is it so difficult and does it feel so nice at the same time .. ? What do you think is taking a distance but out of respect for him? Continue on a spiritual level (no more contact)? Who can identify with this?

Answer 1
I believe that my twin would also rather not see me for a moment, so I respect that, each has his own way until you are both ready for it and you can / may have contact (Unknown)

Answer 2
Been there done that girl. And I know how you feel, totally wonderful but also terribly insecure and a little scared and guilty towards your partner. I have sporadic sms contact with my twin, and I have decided not to take the initiative anymore either. I let it go and if he wants to text me or call me, I really like that. I think it is good not to pull on him too hard, because you cause the opposite of what you want; removal, it will repel you. If you let it go a little, he will come closer, in my experience. Difficult but manageable. I also have contact in the spiritual with my twin. Especially in my dreams, but also in reality. We are both telepathic and I “know” (feel is perhaps better expressed) what he thinks and why. And as for your husband; these are two different things if he really is your twin. I would not tell your husband anything for the time being and take it easy to see where this is going. Believe me, it can be a process that takes years! (Unknown)

Answer 3
We do nothing else from the start. Never contacted. Everything can be done. (Who knows)

Answer 4
I am the questioner and I will leave it alone for a while … Take some distance again. In practice that is a lot harder than I thought. Can you imagine it so much… (Unknown)

Answer 5
How is that not possible? Your feeling wants contact? But I know it’s better not. That feeling in the belly. I have changed a lot because of our meeting. I am more assertive, more confident feel more woman than girl, inside and outside sexy, beautiful as a person, no longer shy, very loving, cozy. Suddenly I see what I am instead of what I am not and that is pretty happy! (Unknown)

Answer 6
Contact, but no earthly contact, I think. Twinflames are ALWAYS in contact with each other, and they do not need a cell phone or internet for that. Good to give it a rest and to put energy into that spiritual contact. (Unknown)

Answer 7
To answer 5: We want contact, but at exactly the right time. Not before and not later. (Who knows)

Answer 8
Yes and that moment only the twinflames themselves know and cannot be influenced by anyone. (Unknown)

Answer 9
Answer: this could have been my words .. 100% the same .. I just wanted to let you know .. enjoy it! (Unknown)