Q0730. How do I work best on myself?


How do I work best on myself in order to grow twinflame more? I really want to work hard on myself so that my twin can benefit from it and grow. I am a bit further in my development than he is and I really want it to grow. In which ways can I achieve that? To give a picture of where I am now in my process: I have already reached the point where I feel unconditional love for him, whatever he does and leaves, it is good as it is. He is good as he is and so am I. Everyone actually. I feel a lot of love for him and I know that his closed and sometimes rejective attitude is not meant to me personally. It is fear and ego. I really want to help him with that on a soul level. How do I do that?

Answer 1
If I read your story like this, I wonder why you want it to grow so much so that you or you can continue? That is not unconditional;). Theoretically you will have it all in your head idd, but it seems to me that you do not yet feel it / know .. but I can be wrong! (Unknown)

Answer 2
You help him by releasing him completely and focusing on your own process. (Unknown)