S232. From that moment there has been a spiritual awakening with me


It happened at the end of 2005 and at the beginning of 2006 I met my soul love through a site on the net … we briefly conversed and exchanged telephone numbers, then I already had something like: “hey exactly knows that number …”. When he called me, his voice was already playing music that I long missed and recognized as one of the thousands …

It was at the same time a thunderbolt in a clear sky and a coming home at the same time … a rolercoaster of emotions rippled through my body. as if two powerful arms pushed me and said, girl you are finally at home, here safe with us … At our meeting we talked to a piece at night and every time a recognition of the same thoughts, the same emotions and a sizzling energy …

In the beginning we had a stormy relationship for a very short time but this was too overwhelming. He and I couldn’t bring this home … this was too powerful for us. He had a broken relationship recently and I was in the middle of a divorce. Too much emotion, too many vibes … I couldn’t handle it … he was even less … I was his oasis of calm but it seemed more like a tornado. Now we are friends, very close friends but I know there will come a day when we can be together again in harmony. When we each have finished our own piece.

My current partner knows about my soulmate and he once asked the question: “Why didn’t you become a couple?” But He does not know that we have been briefly in this life and that we have certainly been in past lives. He accepts my relationship with him … but in his case his girlfriend has a harder time with the bond that exists between us.

Now and then we only meet each other every week, because we both have a long distance relationship. We don’t say anything to our current partners, but we only have very good conversations, no physical contact in the sense of making love … with your soul love this is not really necessary to be very connected. The connectedness in the mind is much stronger and greater than physical love. It is an unconditional love and it is growing steadily.

I have discovered that I am ready for a relationship but I also know that he is not there yet … But there is a lot of help from above. I have been to Mother Meera twice, received her blessings, and what happened? Well, my soulmate was sent to India for the first time in his professional life for three weeks. He has been sent to the epicenter of spiritual life and I hope from the bottom of my heart that a little awakening can begin here. something is going to move there, I feel that, but everything is happening to the rhythm above, not mine … I can accept this and let go in confidence.

What I cherish now is an unconditional deep love, a love that does not demand, but that only wants my buddy to be happy … when I go to him, there is that atmosphere of recognition again, that energy that lingers with him and with me … knowing and feeling that. The recognition of him and the sincere joy when he sees me now gives me the satisfaction to go further and to trust. That’s how I feel happy.

From that moment there has been a spiritual awakening with me. I had never been in contact with it and since then I have started reading, taking classes and developing. I was looking for answers and have already received many. Meeting him has certainly made my life richer spiritually, internally.

I find the synchronicity that manifests itself again and again the most special. But when I look into his eyes, I look at mirrors and that is so special. The invisible thread between us that is always visible as a silver cord … from India to here … it remains, the telepathic contact. The fact that he went to visit the Taj Mahal during his stay and that here in Belgium for two months before my son I have already left a lego version of this wonder of the world for his Saint. While I didn’t even know then that my buddy had to go to India.

Very crazy but the eroticism we had was magical, but rather because of the bond we have and the glow that hung over us. It was more about making contact with, than striving for satisfaction … satisfaction was more about the mind than about the body.
But in the first instance we could not stay apart …

For me, soul love is an all-dominating feeling of a great unconditional love … a love that is there, that remains even if you turn eighty … it is a state of being and it will never go away. It is always in between, but not as a hindrance but as an enrichment.

It is not yet a full relationship but anyway it is not in this life then it comes in the following because that connectedness transcends all boundaries of space and time.
Now I am happy when I see and feel him happy.

There is just one love, you should not look for a second because it does not exist. I currently have a relationship and I love my partner but not like with my soulmate.
HE brings me the peace I need now, and when it is finished, my soul love may return to the forefront of my life.

Although I suffered a lot from that soul love in the beginning, that I didn’t understand anything … and I had a lot of sorrow. This is how I learn to give a place in my life. I have learned to trust many things and know that the right thing happens when it has to happen. We have agreed this from soul to soul and I now understand that.