Q0726. He wants me back


Our 2-year relationship ended in 2007. After the breakup, I discovered that we were twinflames. The process of pain, desire, sadness ect. I went through. I also had many conversations with my twinflame about whether a return was possible between us. Time and again I got the lid on my nose. Eventually I let it go and decided to continue with my things. After a few years it has now come to the point that my twinflame wants me back. Although I love him very much and I really want to be with him and the bond between us is so strong, it keeps me from doing it. Because I am finally close to my feelings, I have become stronger and now I understand that the desire is in me, that has nothing to do with the desire for my twinflame. Releasing old pain was one of the most difficult tasks, but achievable. Time will determine when I and my twin come back together?

Answer 1
If you are close to your feelings and you are strong, it is precisely the time I think .. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Desire is part of love I think and if it is in yourself, it is also in your twin. Nothing wrong with that (Unknown)

Answer 3
Questioner response: Due to many problems that he himself has caused and is not yet on, he is clinging to me. The question whether the time is right … !? Desire is nothing wrong with that, but it feels good that I know how to deal with it, given the many stories I read here. That I can set my limits without pain and still be able to remain loving and in balance with my twinflame. And this after a part of my life in which I was very submissive. It feels good that way. The fact that I do not want to return immediately is more than the story I describe here. (Unknown)