Q0695. Stronger in my shoes, anyone advice?


Today I saw my twinflame again and it was ball again; repel and attract. Especially shedding on his part. I can’t take it anymore, he always touches me so that I feel deeply sad. And he continues to enjoy his life. I have had enough of it that I have made a firm decision not to call, to text or to contact him in any other way. I didn’t do all this often, but now I really want to stop it altogether. If he wants to see me, he will call himself. It is nice and easy; he never has to make an effort for something and I am always the two of us who are in trouble. I want to stand stronger in my shoes and look for good tips for this. Anyone?

Answer 1
Find this love in yourself. Part of him is in you. Have peace with this part, find happiness in it and it will attract. . (Unknown)

Answer 2
I think you have already given the best solution: no more contact. You don’t need tips, I think you’re strong enough of yourself. Really, we have much more power than we think we have. (Who knows)

Answer 3
It is as if I hear myself, I recognize this feeling very well, and I have a lot of trouble with it !!! I wish I had good tips, but believe it or not, I have been asking this question for 4 years !! every time I want to let it go, something comes in and I somehow fails. nice that soul love !!. Maybe one day we will have enough self-esteem and can really let it go, I admire the people who can and can continue to do so. I don’t have a real answer to your question, but there is at least 1 who is struggling with the same question as you !! Good luck and lots of love (Unknown)

Answer 4
It is not about letting go, but about growing, towards each other..that is about it and that gives periods of letting go to let your twin find his own way. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Thank you for thinking along. I asked the question. Maybe I know very well what to do; indeed taking distance. I do too and it suits me well. Every time he comes to my mind, I consciously start thinking about something else and tell him to grow. He hurt me quite Sunday with his words and attitude, and I don’t feel like it anymore. There is no doubt that he is my twin, but that does not mean that he can just do anything with me. I do notice that now that I draw the line, more signals are coming towards me that indicate “us”. Next week I will meet him again and then I will keep appropriate distance. (Unknown)

Answer 6
We have since seen each other again and he approached me on his own. I felt his ego that he still can’t let go, but there is so much love underneath that I almost had to cry. I feel that love shine through his whole attitude, see it in his eyes and hear it behind his words. How to deal with this now; I keep letting him go, sending him all my love in my mind every day and wish him an instructive path of life. In the meantime, I lead my own life in the best possible way that makes me happy, but that one piece (he) will always be missing. But I comfort myself with the knowledge that he is always there, just IN me, and I in him. (Unknown)