Q0558. Contact?


Another whole year has passed, in which soul love and I had no earthly contact. meanwhile I feel it so clearly that it is almost impossible to bear. I wish he would just call; a few seconds would be enough; just a little contact, or would do something personal, just something small, knowing that that would be enough for the moment.

Answer 1
What makes you not do it yourself? go for it (Unknown)

Answer 2
My soul love does not want that (Unknown)

Answer 3
To answer 2, how do you know? do not fill it in for the other person, perhaps something has changed there, and she / he wants it. (Unknown)

Answer 4
If you are right, do not enter t for the other person (unknown)

Answer 5
Supposing that something might have changed is very dangerous. I have experienced it myself and I can tell you that you can get very big misunderstandings and it makes you very sad … If the other person wants contact, and he / she knows you want that too, then that will automatically happen as time there is. And for the person asking the question, I think it is very difficult for you, I must not think about it…. strength and love (Forever)

Answer 6
Never act out of fear. If your twin does not want to contact you, this means that he / she does not yet accept the twin feelings. Give the other person the peace to find out what these feelings are. This is of course not wrong. I also missed my twin enormously and I just literally asked if he could just make “something” heard of him. This also happened very remarkably. Remember that your twin is always in your heart. If you think of your twin, you can be sure that your twin is thinking of you too. You will automatically receive signals if you are open to this. Gr. (Alicia S.)

Answer 7
Hey Alicia, good for my twin, if you know how often I think of my twin … and that is mutual? still delicious (Unknown)

Answer 8
Yes, you can just ask him if he wants to make himself known more. Have faith that this also happens … I speak from experience. This morning; I think of him and I think that we have not heard or seen each other for quite a long time now, and pampered; exactly the same car will come around the corner as it has. Is not a common car by the way. At the supermarket, the amount that I have to pay is exactly the number of his date of birth. I suddenly looked very happy when the cashier mentioned the amount … You know, you have to be open to it and have an eye for the seemingly normal things around you, then it suddenly sees the signs everywhere. (Unknown)

Answer 9
Alicia, it is true what you say in answer 6, only you say that you can be sure that when you think of your twin, he also thinks of you. J .. is by no means ready to accept these feelings when he already knows WHAT he feels. How can he think of me as often as I think of him? I think of my dear twin every day, every hour, and miss him terribly at times. If he thinks of me as often as I think of him, then it is EVEN harder than I thought. Do you perhaps mean that the signs you can see are from him because he is consciously working on me? I always assumed that the universe sent me that to keep me going. I am very curious about your opinion on this. Love (L.)

Answer 10
Signs can also be a signpost, ask a question and through signs the universe helps you .. should you want to listen. (Unknown)

Answer 11
Dear l, m and alicia i think, feel that t is both. that the universe brings you together, directs you, corrects you; and that the development of the twins, how fast it goes, is in the hands of the twins … you maintain that energy together; I also feel that I should not let go but commit, free but not let go … (Unknown)

Answer 12
To answer 11: I don’t quite understand what you mean by committing. Do you want to explain further? And then I would like to express my frustration about the fact that I see so few signs. Numbers series are actually the only characters that I notice so much. A few weeks ago 2 trucks in 1 week; the one with his place of residence, the second a few days later with his last name. I thought those were signs telling me he’s my twin. But I am already 100% convinced of that. I ask enough questions, but I see few signs. Sometimes when I talk to myself, ask myself a question, ask myself something, I sometimes tell myself the answer. But then I still think: you make this up yourself on the spot. I think I can’t do it. That there is also little because (for the one who paid attention) my twin is still SO young, that it is probably not going so badly, because he is apparently NOT TOTALLY working on it. That is my biggest struggle! from this moment. I sometimes miss him so terribly that I want him to KNOW that I am his twin, but I am afraid that I will have to keep going like this for years to come. And that makes me very sad at times. (L.)

Answer 13
Dear l, missing is rotten, I also think .. do you meditate too? really helps, your own design. and in our case also other contact; you feel each other stronger through it. we did release each other for a few years, and still do; we are not there yet but sometimes we are already there … success (Unknown)

Answer 14
Hi L, I think the answer to answer 11 means that he / she is no longer passively in the process (I think it is different than letting go) but is now actively participating in the transformation process, aware that you are have to do together if you want to move forward. It is idd that you get a different kind of contact, very beautiful, another dimension again. Certainly if you are both aware of it and know each other, you can also “call” each other if you both have your antenna off and that is funny because I almost always have my antenna off and then twin sometimes just happens unexpectedly invade, very cool. Love from me. (Unknown)