Q0725. How he mirrors me


Today I saw my twin and I am in tears now. I have so much pain in my heart. He really repels me. Today, the crown was on of all those times. He told about his supposedly overcrowded “wild” life and all his free range. And it’s not that I’m jealous of that. Sincerely not. But what makes me so unbalanced is that I know and feel that this is just a facade of him, that he is actually very much looking for love. I also know that he knows deeply that we belong together. Then why does he hurt me so much? Is it because I share my life with someone else? I think, while writing here, that I suddenly see what it’s all about; it is like a mirror, because I too have a facade that I hold up in front of him. A facade of happiness with my family (which is real, but in which I also miss him), and so his facade. So we mirror each other perfectly … but I don’t like the mirror image.

Answer 1
Yes, I think you are right, you mirror facades. Well said. Only something is wrong, why don’t you like the mirror? Do you have something to work out with your partner? Why should he not be allowed to work out his way with his free range? One is no less than the other. One of you may be an assignment and the other an (over) compensation for something that has ever troubled him in a past or past life. You both do this in a different way, but in my opinion the outcome is the same, namely settlement of old bills and preparation for ……. (Who knows)

Answer 2
Wow, Wieweet, you hit the nail on the head again. I always need your answers so much! For clarity’s sake, I am the questioner … Yes, why don’t I like that mirror image? Because I would rather see us face each other with an open mind, that’s why. But what you say is correct; the one is certainly no less than the other. I know that and I accept it both from him and from myself. I’m sure I have something to work out with my my partner. I don’t know what twinflame has to work out with all his free range or what he compensates with it. Do have an idea about it. He is really looking for answers for himself (do I want children, do I want certainty, etc) and in this way he finds out. However; I see, know and feel that this is not his way, that he is far too freed to live such a regular life. But he will have to find out for himself, I know that. Another can say that, but it has to come from yourself, isn’t it? You know, I have the crazy feeling somewhere that it will take another 30 years before we get together. I just realized that, and it feels like truth. It sounds long, but I think that time is still needed to get both of us ready. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Sorry for my late reply, but could your twin be so free because he belongs to you? I will also turn this into a main question. (Who knows)

Answer 4
That is a good question to chew on. Well, I have known since my reading about twin and me that we are exact opposites to each other. Previously I had not noticed, but when that woman listed everything that shows, I suddenly saw it very clearly. His life is the exact opposite of mine. However, our way of thinking, of being, is exactly the same. And that’s why it feels so good between us. I can often finish his sentences and he mine, I feel what he thinks and I know when he is at the door without knowing it. Why I had to be married and have children in this life, I don’t know. I think that is karma with my husband. The desire to have a child was very deep with me at a young age. Now that I have them, the restlessness is gone and it feels like it is “ready”. He can’t find true love, he says. Makes countless dates with all kinds of girls and also tells me everything, which I don’t mind. It feels like a token of great confidence. He knows I don’t judge that I take him the way he is. But why he has that life and I have this, I don’t know. What are your thoughts about that? (Unknown)

Answer 5
Well answer 4: I think sometimes a substitute is sought in all kinds of superficial dates, I think all those girls and women have a piece of his twinflame. I am also the free-spirited twin but have no dates and no sexual partners. I have been celibate since the age of 34 and met my twin at the age of 48. When my twin turned 33 he got married, he became the father of twins, at the age of 33 I was pregnant, consciously unmarried mother. I knew that very young, at the age of 14, when my twin reincarnated. So I knew back then that I wouldn’t have a family with my twin. When my child turned 14, I only saw my twin for the first time. Until my twin and I are reunited, I remain celibate. And free-spirited haha. That doesn’t cost me any effort, nor does celibacy, but I still live by the day. I cannot agree well, it may be that I cannot attend the relevant appointment, for example a party, because the lack is so great that I have to sit it out like a migraine attack. To my toes it hurts, apathically, nothing comes out of my hands. The next day again completely okay. By the way, I think it is courageous for your twin to be so open and vulnerable. (Who knows)