Q0723. Frustration


I long to see my twinflame again for a moment, even if it was just a minute. It has been three weeks since I saw him and the desire becomes unbearable. I miss him and think about him all day long. Now I just hear that a day out where I would see him is canceled and I feel so disappointed as a child. Would like to cry with frustration. The few times we can see each other and then it won’t happen! I know that I still have to be grateful THAT we see each other every now and then, but I can’t stand the uncertainty of WHEN. If there seems to be an appointment I get very restless and unkind towards everyone around me because I only want one thing. Only when that appointment is really planned will it improve. That’s because I really want us to see each other but on the other hand can’t be clear about this because it must remain secret that I feel so much for him. So I am completely dependent on the goodwill of others and the chance that we see each other. Who recognizes those frustrating feelings and what do you do with them?

Answer 1
You know, make sure that you are no longer dependent on someone else, so that you can always approach your twin if you wish. That’s the best thing you can do for yourself. (Unknown)

Answer 2
I know situations like this and yes I also know frustration and it is so bad at the moment that I am deadly link, and then I call that it is ego, but I love myself and I don’t want to be hurt this way anymore not by anyone! You are ridiculed / approached on all sides by people who do and do not mean well and that hurts. Angry at myself and my twin too, we allow it ourselves, we give them that space, when is that enough? I love him to the full, but I don’t want to be approached that way anymore. Someone once wrote to protect each other … but I have never felt so right … only in this twin story and no it does not break me but it does ‘hide’ me. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Oh what always goes the other way? For a long time the soul has agreed on everything, something, and what do we do personally? We bump into it. The art is to tune into soul level, which speaks through signs and symbols. The soul never attunes to the person in my opinion, because the person, I think (only?) Is an experience that gains it. (Wieweet)
Answer 4Yes, that anger comes from ego, caused by others, so I am still to influence sometimes .. my pain .. my frustration .. see it again now, but my soul gives the right signals and it reaches out to my twin, what do you do as a person with that then hey, let my heart go again lost all that anger are happy..feel only love with a L..heerlijk (Unknown)