Q0714. I entered it


I entered into it … We have expressed several times in the past period that we cannot forget each other and miss the contact. He invited me to a dinner at his home because his parents are on vacation .. I initially indicated that I did not want to go into this because I first had to become my old self again and he indicated that it would not work out … no contact … because we still keep looking each other up .. Appointed and on Thursday I didn’t get any whattsapp and he came half past eight with … nice than nothing to hear! I angrily broke all contact after I had told him that I love him and that I am very sad and that it must be over. Next morning sms again with ‘pity’ and a little later kiss. What should I do now?

Answer 1
all sounds rather confused, if I read your story like that, maybe not so intended but I would not go along with it anymore, let him be honest to you, is much more loving. (Unknown)

Answer 2
You cannot do anything else with this. As before, take some distance. If I read it that way, he turns it into a power game. (Unknown)