Q0780. How do I stay with myself?


How do I ensure that my twinflame can no longer hurt me like that? I notice that I am becoming very dependent on the whims of my twinflame. If he does nice and fun, I float. But if he is aloof and on the flat, I feel so sad. Do you have advice on how I can stay better with myself so that he can no longer play with my feelings? I am well aware that I will allow it if I start to feel bad, but how do I keep that out?

Answer 1
Good question, because this is something I am also working on. You say it yourself: you admit it, knowing that you shouldn’t do that. Others will undoubtedly say that to you, but it is easier said than done. I manage to think every time something goes wrong: “I am not dependent on someone else’s opinion.” At first it seems a bit artificial, but it becomes routine at some point, part of it yourself. And then you will not only think it anymore, but you will really start to feel it. Good luck! (Unknown)

Answer 2
I think it has a lot to do with grounding yourself well. Not always easy. (Unknown)