Q0711. Resist the temptation


I wonder how you manage to resist the temptation to contact your soul love? I will explain briefly. It has been about 4 months since I saw him. In the period before, we had 1 year of intensive contact without being physical. I rejected it. I am in a relationship and have a child. There is nothing wrong with this relationship but my friend is very emotional just like me. This boy who set me on fire is just the opposite and gave a lot of counter gas. I didn’t want to listen and so I went against it and then it went wrong. The contact is no longer there. You would say that this is better for me but I would get more rest by having occasional contact with him. It seems like I need him. I have already been to his hometown twice, just to be there and it felt very quiet. In the meantime, I wonder what am I doing here? I’m not supposed to be here. I have to go home. There was no response to a card. My feeling says he met someone else. It’s so bad not to hear anything anymore. It would be easier if he would say to me girl stop it nice and continue with your life I do not need you and your child … and I do not need a friendly contact with you because that does not produce anything … question 1. Do I have to send him a message asking if he wants to let me know by e-mail how he deals with it. (it would give me peace if he says he has long forgotten me). question 2. Is there someone who wants to make his or her e-mail address known so that I can e-mail the person to get advice? question 3. How do I stay on the right track? If only I would continue. First of all, I would get the whole family over me. Secondly, I would end up in a flat with my child. I would lose a lot of friends. I could have a hard time. I long for him. He could really put me on my number. He gave me REAL attention. My friend can’t. I also long to stand on my own two feet. I have never done this from one relationship to another for the reason: security. How is it that I now love and understand myself and that one person has turned my whole world upside down? I have few true friends. I do have parents, but my mother is not exactly an example for me. She doesn’t really look at me either and I care more for her than she cares for me. My father also has his own life. My work is not really stable at the moment either. I would REALLY only stand if I would continue alone. I just don’t have a stable life. I need advice. Who can help me? I can’t talk to anyone about it. I don’t actually do that either. I am ashamed that someone has made me so vulnerable and in love while I am in a 10-year relationship. Like wise advice from wise people! Thank you. Like wise advice from wise people! Thank you. Like wise advice from wise people! Thank you.

Answer 1
Hi, I am in a similar situation and sympathize with you because I recognize many things. I would like to email you, to support each other and to hear each other’s stories, but advice .. I am also quite searching. It has been with me for 1.5 years now. But who knows, two know more than one, and who knows we will always go one step further by e-mailing. And it is also nice to be able to air your heart now and then, isn’t it? Certainly with someone you don’t have to explain anything about the intense feelings it causes … Look, I don’t know how that works, I have entered my email address .. (Unknown)

Answer 2
I understand that you are going to his place of residence, a little closer to you. If I hear it that way, you are not really happy, take a good look at yourself, make sure that you yourself become strong that you feel comfortable. For the first time you love yourself, and that is already very beautiful, and standing alone, that is not so bad, if you notice that you are becoming easier for yourself, that you are Real, people feel that and they will respond sweetly , are you not alone. Find your own activities, people and happiness. I’m also working hard on it. Yet you become a strong person from all this … believe me, I have been struggling with this for 4 years and I am also alone, but I do not feel alone, I sometimes feel sad that I have so little contact with twin because it is not possible or ‘allowed’ by … success. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Follow your heart! Nobody says we MUST be anything, we are who we WANT TO BE. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Following my heart is unfortunately not that easy anymore. Believe me then I would have called him to see if there was anything left in it. The only thing I would want from him is a conversation or e-mail or something. Just seeing him (for example drinking an innocent beer) makes it a little easier for me. It makes no sense because conversations I can also have with other people … Ridiculous … It’s just a feeling of being missed … it seems like a mourning process. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Yes and that hurts to your toes, misses and keeps getting worse, you really can not make something more beautiful, no matter how nice they bring it here on the site. it is growing together and then. no more letting go, really not! is not possible because of the cords that are tightened more and more. just get the urge to slap around me, but unfortunately .. feelings so intense, I don’t want to send them anymore. You can reason everything but it is all mind / ego, I just want to hug someone, and that is what it is. A grieving process? we have gone completely crazy about someone walking around in this body of earth! and mourning .. I’ve had to do it often enough and this is worse … love. (Unknown)

Answer 6
Thank you for your responses. Indeed, sometimes missing is very strong (abdominal pain) and I can sometimes suppress it very much but it is always there. I try to think it with me, then it goes better. Thank you for your tips, although it is difficult to stay out of contact … With his beautiful and less beautiful sides, he remains the most beautiful person I have seen. (Unknown)