Q1218. Recognition?


Hello, I read your stories about twinflames.
And I’m glad I found a piece of recognition.
I found my twinflame last year.
We all knew in advance that we would come together. She had only seen a picture of me and I only knew that she would come to NL, but I already knew that when we heard it together, it was very strange that when I sent my first message to It had actually sent her very quickly. Despite the opposition of the environment (jealous ex, friends etc) we did not refrain from seeing each other a number of times before she had to return to Spain where she was born and lives. 3 months 12 hours a day on skype, sleeping together with the laptop next to us and you name it all weird things. At Christmas I was almost 3 weeks with her was super for the first time I had no gut feeling that told me that something was wrong. I wasn’t jealous at all. felt so nice it just heard so. when I just got home and actually spent the last days together in Spain,we are now only friends, we still have contact almost every day, which sometimes goes very well but sometimes also clashes very much.
I am also the first woman with whom she has had a relationship. which is also very difficult for her because where she comes from is not accepted by the environment and her family etc. she repels me, and she seeks reunification with men. which just hurts me a lot. although I have the feeling that she does that to “love” me for the women and her own feelings.
I have no idea what she thinks about me now or if she still thinks about me etc. etc. We don’t talk about that. how much we talked to each other then, all sensory thoughts just everything …. is now really only superficial. seems like every time I get too close she pushes me away.
It is nice to read that this is part of the process, but so difficult to trust and let go of it .
I want to see her be with her I miss her so much. and all I can do is be patient and love her.
There are times when I feel so sure and I know and feel with my heart that she is my twinflame and the other moment, when she tells me that she likes a man, I doubt everything again.
Is this all part of it?
Is this recognizable for you?

Answer 1
That is precisely the intention of the soul-love process that will put you to the test. You get to see everything the rest does not come until you enter into confrontation with yourself, then it only dissolves how difficult it is. There are different phases that you go through. It is entirely up to you how you deal with it. If you really want peace, then look for the distraction on success.

Answer 2
If you stop believing that you cannot get some rest no matter what the situation or circumstances are, what remains? There is a problem when we turn something into a problem and what we fear we draw. It’s as simple as that. warm hug. You are as beautiful as you are. Thoughts or emotions come and go and you are not at all and nobody is his thoughts or emotions.