Q0705. Does anyone know what to do


A while ago it was confirmed to me that I met a soulmate … I have loved that man dearly for years, but he has now pushed me away for two years now … he does not want to see me, he does not want to talk to me, .. yet I feel a very strong connection with him and I know that he feels this too. I have already made several attempts to make something move but to no avail. I have also made several attempts to continue my life but also to no avail. I know that I also have to work on myself (which I am currently working on) but it hurts so much and I’m desperate. I was also confirmed that we were supposed to come back together because we have something to finish. I don’t dare to believe in that anymore and I have to continue my life but how. I wonder a lot if it is true that he can keep repelling me endlessly or keep running away? I find it difficult that he “just” gets away with this and that I already have the rubble. Does anyone know what to do? Dear greetings and thanks for reading!

Answer 1
He is also busy with his process, although it will be completely different from yours. He cannot and will not see it at the moment and you will have to accept that. By sending him a lot of love, he will be able to develop better. Keep faith in everything because if he really is your twinflame, it will be fine one day. Use the periods without contact to grow yourself. Difficult, but the only thing you can do. (Unknown)

Answer 2
I don’t know what to do but I now know that with twinflames one person will get the rubble in one life and the next one the other will be the bad luck. I know that from our history. The one time I got away with it and I was greeted gloriously and the other time it was my twin who took full credit and I was treated badly by the circumstances. Now in this life we ​​are finally absorbed, with equal happiness, opportunities and qualities. That’s just the way it is. I hope I can help you a bit with this. (Who knows)

Answer 3
I think that as long as you continue to resist your own healing process, as long as you do not want to go through your own pains, he will continue to attract and repel you. In the beginning I also blamed my twin for not wanting to ‘know’ me. But I now realize that I am not finished with my process yet and cannot use it for it. That would stagnate my rapid growth. Now we can both work on our process in peace. Let what is needed come over you, go with that flow, resist and do not fight against it. Experience it completely. This pain is needed to grow. Yes, I know, it hurts … (perhaps the book The Power of Now is something for you) X. (Unknown)

Answer 4
I agree with answer 3; You will first have to work on yourself, including breaking through your fears, pains, sorrows, uncertainties. Learning to stay close to yourself instead of being dependent on your twin. As long as you do not break these factors, he will continue to attract and repel you. In short; learn to feel from your own feeling. Strength. You will notice that the bond between you is palpable and in balance. Strength (Liesbeth)