S171. First learn to love yourself, then love comes to you

Misty & Justice

I met my love 8 years ago but then I didn’t know it yet and we let each other pass. Until two weeks ago we met each other by chance. After a little conversation everything came up again we had never forgotten each other in our hearts this was mutual.
From the first day we saw each other again, we can no longer be ignored. We both have our own business and a busy life so we don’t see each other much.
We send each other text messages all day until 2.00 almost every night. Also have spent a whole day together (knowing my husband) we had a great time together. That feeling cannot be explainedWell, I did explain to my husband what it means to meet your twinflame. If you are far apart, it feels as if that person is with you all day long. You feel everything apart all day long.
Our relationship is not over and it will never go we tell each other things we would not even tell your own partner. We don’t really need many words, we just have to think about each other, that’s enough. If we can look each other in the eye, then I can’t explain to you what goes back and forth, then you don’t need words.

My husband is aware of everything and he leaves me free in this and my twinflame also understands my relationship with my husband and as far as it goes well, I don’t have to make a choice between them either of them don’t put them under pressure .
My partner and I have a good relationship and we are open to the things that happen in our lives. My husband recently also met someone with whom he has a different bond with other people. I fully understand that because you are an adult after all, right? We fully trust each other are very spiritual and jealousy does not exist to give each other the space that is very important to us.

Our relationship goes beyond a love relationship, I am married and have a man I love very much. But I will not let my twinflame pass by again. He supplements my husband but is not an extension. He is a part of myself that I lost a long time ago and for him it is the other way around. I am also very happy with my two men .

My soul love brings me happiness, unconditional love and light into my life.
We did a tantra exercise together that was great then you learn what life is all about. It was a very special experience.
The feeling of love for the soul cannot be described, you must experience this ………
It is a wonderful experience that everyone should experience, but first make sure that your relationship and your marriage with your current partner is firm and solid.

My tip: People are hurt a lot in their lives and therefore shut themselves off for the most beautiful thing you can encounter your twinflame ……….
First learn to love yourself, then love comes to you and who knows, maybe you will meet the love of all your lives … your twinflame.