Q0697. My soul love makes striking statements


Recently I have noticed that my soul love sometimes makes meaningful statements that can be interpreted in an ambiguous way. An example is this: “… and I understand each other” (so in the end my name). Then he looks at me and I him and I know he means it literally and as a joke to the others who are there. He has said more things like that and I feel happy but also very uncomfortable because I have the feeling that everyone looks at me and sees that I feel something for him. For clarity; we have never expressed our feelings to each other and I am in a relationship. Why would he make you think so?

Answer 1
I’d say ask him. Right at the man. At certain moments our unconscious comes up that causes such statements. The consciousness is around us and people sometimes pick this up when they are on the same wavelength. That is sometimes fun and sometimes scary, it also depends on your own mood at such a moment. Don’t look too much for it, twinflames just understand each other … (Who knows)

Answer 2
Would it go by accident? because that also happens when you see each other as twins, then you say things to each other that are actually a real message without you realizing it right away. So often I also say something with a double meaning, twin is sometimes more to send according to me .. after all, fine that you have this kind of things together, I enjoy it! one of that uncomfortable feeling, I can not really hide that I like him so much. (Unknown)

Answer 3
He wants you to know that he has that special feeling for you too, that he knows that you belong together and that no one can intervene. I often have that with my twinflame … (Unknown)

Answer 4
It is at least to get your attention. Maybe he also knows that he makes you shy and does he like that game? Does he have a relationship? Does he also make compliments about you (at the latest)? If he wants to be constantly in your attention, he is decorating you. If you are happy in your relationship, keep him at a distance or indicate this in a playful way. It is important to consider what you want to do with it. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Yes, he sometimes sees that he makes me a bit shy, I think. Because then my cheeks get blushed and I feel the urge to quickly walk away because I feel relieved that others can see it too. He also often compliments me, indeed, that I have cooked well when he eats with us, or that I look younger than I am, for example. But I feel that he does not say it with the intention of making me shy, but simply because he is so sweet and thoughtful. However, I also feel his feelings and know that he likes me as much as I do. He has no relationship and I do, and what do I want with it? Pff, to be completely honest; I would really like him in every way. I actually want both men. I love both. But with my twinflame I have a stronger connection, feel telepathy and each other flawlessly. It happens so often that we say the same things, or he says something that I think, or am busy in my life. So that is the soul connection. Sometimes I think he makes those statements by accident, but sometimes he doesn’t. As if he means to the others who are also there, how things are between us, in a way that can be understood in several ways, and of which he knows I am getting the right message. He can look at me like that, with a smile around his mouth and twinkle eyes. Then I melt immediately. I’m still struggling with the idea that I don’t know what I would do if he tried to kiss or grab me. I’m afraid I wouldn’t have a single defense. He sometimes touches me and that sets me on fire. It is so hard to find a middle ground in my feelings for two men. If you then also read a story in the Volkskrant newspaper of a woman who has entered into a relationship with her love of love in addition to her regular relationship and can let it coexist very well without her husband knowing it, then that makes me think. Why does such a story come to my mind just now that I’m struggling with it? Exactly; so inside so outside … (Unknown)

Answer 6
Yes answer 2, I have a very important message that my twin passed on to me encrypted, about our future, only half a year later, through a guide. So energetic. My twin tells me everything about the future, he is the giver and I the receiver and I then decode it for us. Even he is totally unaware of those messages. If the time is right then I tell it. First he has to make a quantum leap in his consciousness. it all, I help him energetically to make that leap. What a fantastic collaboration huh? I’m sooooo happy about this. (Who knows)

Answer 7
What a special thing about that encrypted message. When I think about it that way, my soul love has already made many statements that made my hair look good. May I ask how you help him make that quantum leap? I would also like to help my twin to make a leap in his development. (Unknown)

Answer 8
Answer 7 I do not know how I do that, help him to make that leap. That is entirely at the soul level, outside of myself. I as a person have no grasp. to happen that I do that. (Who knows)

Answer 9
Yes say exactly the right words about a situation from the subconscious, but also exactly the words that concern us, that subconscious is very cool anyway, I am then with a smile retrieving the words again what we actually said , just too coincidental. (Unknown)

Answer 10
Yes, that is cool matter. I know it all too well. My twin once let it be known that he only goes for true love, he told someone and I was there. But while he said that, he looked me deep in the eye. That happened unknowingly, but it came in like a lightning strike. It was just communication from soul to soul. Pfff, he often says things that lift a tip of the future veil. He does not realize, but I do. I have now been trained to hear behind the words, to read between the lines and to see signals. (Unknown)