Q1294 Transferring / receiving feelings?


Dear fellow sufferers, I have a problem. In the past I have received feelings and emotions from my Twin Soul. They really happened to me, out of the blue. While I was not in that mood at all. I felt that this came from his soul. 1 time I had this in the morning, after I woke up. Suddenly I was overwhelmed by an intense sad feeling from him. But I would like to know how you consciously send your feelings to your twinflame. I try sometimes, but I don’t know if he will actually receive them. And how should you be open to receiving his emotions? I believe this is the key to successful contact. I have to mention that we have no earthly contact, since we live in other countries.

Answer 1
Transfer feelings as follows:
Step 1 Start meditating
Step 2 Think strongly about your twinflame and visualize the emotion you feel for him or her.
Step 3 Connect with your twinflame who is in you and now visualize the picture in him or her.
You are connected to each other the picture with the emotion is placed your soul regularly goes out of your body to go on a journey or to go to your
twinflame there the emotion is activated.