Q0685. What do you call your twinflame?

Who knows

What do you call your twinflame? I never call my twinflame by name, not even in thoughts or in dreams, it is always male or sweet .. by the way, I am a female

Answer 1
This is a nice question I always call my Twin in love Sweet, darling or angel, I also have the feeling that the name dr does not fit or something haha. Love. (Elselina)

Answer 2
A nice question, sometimes with sweetheart, sweetheart, actually very personal anyway, but sometimes also with his name because he has the most beautiful name in the world, yet when I do that I sometimes get scared of it … probably because He was always present and now I know, kind of strange. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Short and to the point: “My love.” (Unknown)

Answer 4
My twinflame used to call me crazy or crazy. I melted away inside because my twin told me that, but I didn’t notice it, because I knew she would soon marry someone else. Now, after about thirty years, I call her my lover, my sweetheart. (Unknown)

Answer 5
I do not name my twin by name. He actually has no name in my head, because then I limit him to someone or something. He is my everything and that has no name. He is so much more than just the person who has been given this name. I see an infinite divine beautiful perfection soul that I cannot limit with a nam. I do not need to distinguish it from everything else (for which a name is), because it is the only one. He’s everything. He is also myself, that’s how I feel. And so no I don’t mention his name either. I don’t really have a name for him, because I feel he’s in me. We are so connected and I don’t see him as someone else, but as my half. Calling a name is very strange for me. As if it does not suit him or something (Unknown)

Answer 6
Yes I have that too! His name comes to me too hard, that’s it! It is also the name of his professional guardian, Michael. (Unknown)

Answer 7
I always call him by his real name and sometimes in my mind I say the name from which his first name is derived, a kind of pet name for me. (Unknown)