Q0672. My Twin is sometimes so evasive?


I notice that my twin can be very evasive towards me at times. He was at my house yesterday and I asked if he wanted to sit down, but no, he immediately left again. And so it happens very often while he has the time. He often gives me a few goodbye kisses when we’ve seen each other, but lately he has also avoided these. I have already taken the initiative a few times and then he will participate, but not by himself as fast as before. So there are even more examples. It hurts me that he takes a distance while I love him so much. What could be the cause of this?

Answer 1
Personally, I think he is very aware of what is happening between you, but it frightens him. Because the way he treats you is double. He will come to your home, which suggests that he likes being in your neighborhood. On the other hand, he avoids any physical contact. I think he knows very well how the handle is, but he is not ready to acknowledge this. That is also the case with my twinflame. I have not even seen or spoken to him since October 2010, nor did he respond to the two messages I sent at long intervals. Yesterday I had the opportunity to see him, if I had logged into Facebook a little earlier. I know it’s just not the right time yet, so it’s good the way it is now. Because I am 100% sure that we will meet again and I am sure that ‘the feeling’ will be there again between us. There is soul love, that is undeniable! However, both parties must be able and willing to see it. Only then can you be together. Good luck with everything! (Unknown)

Answer 2
Perhaps things happened that made the contrast between soul level and the earthly too big for your twin and he was forced to close himself off from self-protection. You can see it as a plant or a flower, it does not continue to grow inexhaustibly just by talking to it at the soul level, in the end it will still need a little water to be able to live on. So you can also see the love between twins in the earthly, I think. Do you want to think carefully about what could have happened in earthly things? (Unknown)

Answer 3
No source is inexhaustible if it is not fed, it will eventually dry up. And if large amounts of poison have also been deposited, then there must first be a purification and I do not believe that this source is a self-cleaning. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Hmmm, food for thought. For me, answer 1 feels like it is now between us. He is not ready to acknowledge it even though he knows what is going on between us. Regarding the other answers; yes, I also see that it is not an inexhaustible source if nothing happens on earth level, but NOW, at the moment it simply cannot be done. I long for that but it is not allowed yet. I cannot explain why exactly, but assume that it is not yet time for it. Maybe I should try to make it clear to him that I really feel something for him … (Unknown)

Answer 5
What I still forget (in answer 1) is that he sometimes touches me. And not by accident. Just a hand on my arm, or his foot against mine. (Unknown)

Answer 6
Just as answer 1 says, he feels the feeling but does not know the feeling. Don’t force anything. Mine is aware of the feeling between us but his stubbornness prevails. (Unknown)

Answer 7
Response to the last answer, I am also the questioner by the way; yes, you are right, but in my case I think he does recognize it but dares not to acknowledge it. That is something else. Yesterday we met again and I notice again and again that when he has drunk something, he can face it more than in an empty state. The strange thing is that he also literally told me this in a dream. He then said that he likes me very much and is in love with me but can only allow this in the evening (?) And when he has drunk something. Well what do you do with it? I noticed it again yesterday, then he dares to come a little closer, but at the same time there is always a certain distance. When I left, for example, I didn’t get a hug or kiss on my cheek, just nothing at all, he turned around and went inside. That hurt a lot. (Unknown)