Q0544. How do you deal with the (temporary) loss of a twinflame?


A while ago I had a new job, new job, new colleagues. A new colleague came in and I immediately had the feeling “hey, I know you”, but I didn’t know where. I did not say anything, they had warned me that he is a “strange brush”. Over the months we got together more and more, he visited me every time to talk about the strangest things and used every moment to be with me. Just enjoying being together in a very pleasant way and being happy that we saw each other, even if only once a week. I didn’t think he was a strange figure, on the contrary! Until the moment came when I got a different job. I told him and I saw something happen to him. At that time I didn’t do anything with it and let it go and we enjoyed our last weeks of being together and talking in a nice way. In the end I told you about my feelings, but I could tell from him that he immediately erected a wall. He Z! ei not wanting to contact me anymore and even literally said “leave me alone, you are married and I don’t want to intervene”. He also said that he is in contact with almost no people because, according to him, it is all of no use and is watering down. He is very distant and closed towards everyone, but was always very close and open with me. All I wanted was to keep in touch. I finally spoke to him again and said that I would respect his wish not to have contact and said “see you once”, because I know for sure that we will meet again, someday … Or maybe very soon, who knows? But how do you deal with that grief? He is the one that gave me certain insights, it is such a shame and unnecessary that I had to lose him in such a way. In my mind I still see him standing in front of me …

Accepting the answer seems to me that he does not want any contact, it is best, what else do you have if he closes himself for you, you can go and pull but that does not help but he must have felt that this is too close and then do you know it can be a threat to a relationship..you are married, what do you want? if it is your twin then you come to a point that the ‘normal’ contact is going to be very difficult and maybe he has realized that for a long time and you have not yet ..

Did he ever have a twin brother or sister who died during pregnancy, which he survived? Are you the Vanished Twin and is he the Surviving Twin of yore? That you have reincarnated with another mother? I don’t know your age difference, if there is one. It could also be that you had to meet him to help him on his way. Or a soulmate. No twinflame, I don’t think that’s what it looks like. It just comes to mind. I know quite a few survivors of a twin-in-the-womb who are Einzelgänger, and strange in other people’s perception. Who do not live “real”. And who then meet a close soulmate and suddenly they can be completely themselves. (Unknown)

That is very difficult but you still have to try to let him go. Remember that the connection between you will never cease to exist if this is your twinflame. And that you can send him your love and feel it at any time. If it should be that way, you will ever come together. Would you leave your husband for him? (Unknown)

Yes, if you have grown so far thanks to your twinflame and you feel that the other person is no longer growing because this is his life path, and your life path continues (agreed above probably, I already knew very young that something did in a different direction than you do not sit because your soul tells you; you have to go further! yes then you leave your wife / husband to grow, no matter how difficult that is. that is spiritually responsible for the growth of your own soul..in love / with love letting go otherwise you stop each other..so feel / see that (Unknown)