Q0670. I almost burst of desire, what should I do?


Well, that’s how I feel right now and it’s hard to ignore that feeling. I last saw my twin a week ago and since then he hasn’t been out of my mind for a second. I long for him so much but I can’t do anything with it. He sat next to me, touched me briefly, and wished everything and everyone around us to the moon. Just him and me. But unfortunately. How do you deal with this feeling?

Answer 1
Yes with your twinflame together it looks like you are in a kind of big bubble with two, such a great feeling that can be compared with NOTHING! I also almost burst out of desire but that decreases over time is my experience, at least if you no longer see each other, which is the case with us. Nice work, nice things to do, nice people who come your way, that alleviates the desire. And the spirituality also increases, so that you start to see things in a larger context, that also soothes. (Wieweet)

Answer 2
Give it a warm place in your heart, do not fight against it, is impossible work, use it for yourself, for love for yourself, what helps me is to occasionally put it in something creative .. so that you feeling something beautiful can do .. otherwise it drives you crazy .. strength .. know what you are going through … love. (Unknown)

Answer 3
The desire for your twinflame is a major obstacle that everyone here learns to overcome. The desire is in you that you must overcome. This is separate from your twinflame. If you can find the love in yourself again, the desire will also diminish in many ways. Stay close to your own feelings and do not arouse the desire with your thinking. The result is that you feel the bond that you have together. A lot of strength. (Unknown)