S188. I am beginning to awaken spiritually


My soul love is my childhood love, we have been in contact again after 20 years and everything now points to soul love. It is hard to explain, many of the same things, miss each other enormously and that we love each other very much. We now have a very intense friendship. Our partners know of our friendship but not that we are soul lovers.

We both would love to have a love affair but it is impossible because we both have a family

I am beginning to awaken spiritually … my soul love is already a step further with the spiritual.

What I find most special is the enormous desire for each other and thinking of each other at the same time. It feels heavenly, it feels so good and familiar with him I can be myself and I feel good

If the relationship were terminated, that would mean death in particular. I can never live without him and he cannot live without me anymore (he told me) … 20 years ago we had to break up without our own desire and our paths are crossed again after 20 years that can not be a coincidence. I love my soul love very much and I never want to lose him again.
He was the piece I’ve missed so many years.

My tip: If you experience it you will immediately recognize it.