Q0669. Mirroring?


Hello, I recently met my soul love. I just haven’t decided yet whether it concerns my soulmate or twinflame. He doesn’t live near me, so I don’t see him that often. The few times we have seen each other, there is a lot of eye contact, but when we chat we get stuck. We are both unsure of the feeling we experience. I recently saw him again for months and our eyes were pushed together again. He approached me to have a chat, but he stood for a moment at my despair and walked on again. I can’t do anything for my feelings at the moment, and I remain stiff. We mirror each other enormously (adopt each other’s attitude) How can I break through that fear so that we can finally have a normal conversation? Greetings

Answer 1
I fully understand, recognition. It is best to just have a chat with him. Is difficult and scary, but once you talk, everything falls away. At least I share my experience with my twin. We feel so good about each other and I love to look into his eyes. But before I go to see him I am always so nervous. Looking a hundred times in the mirror, changing clothes 30 times you name it. The best moments are when you meet unexpectedly. Then you are just “pure”. People who like each other unknowingly mirror people.

Answer 2
As is nicely said ‘in the sound of music’ by a non-notabene, it appeals to me enormously .. ‘don’t walk away from your fear but dare to look into your eyes’, so just dare to .. it goes as it should and why force a conversation if you have enough with half a word, we don’t have to say much, we know. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Have a chat .. we can probably talk for hours but due to circumstances it is not possible, because what if you want to tell each other how much you mean to each other but there are others there .. because that is what you want to say to each other, no koetjes / calf chatter but what it really revolves around .. what’s going on in your heart .. you get so excited because everything is so out of reach .. just not possible. (Unknown)

Answer 4
To answer 3: I understand what you are saying and to a certain extent I think that is correct. But I can only speak for myself if I say that it has been very liberating for me by expressing it towards twin, no matter how difficult that was because you cannot physically express it yet. I felt very clearly, this may be there, this is TOO BEAUTIFUL to deny (even though it is impossible for others to understand), but if you cannot even express this towards each other then you also deny a very large part of yourself . When I had said it (in a way that was safe for me) a lot of tension fell away. You make it frustrating and exciting just by keeping silent about it and becoming more and more mysterious. And if these wonderful experiences have been expressed between the two of you, then you will see that it may suddenly be possible (my experience) to talk to each other in public. It is such a shame to walk around your twin with a big bow because you allow yourself to be guided by fear, while you can also stand in your power together if you know and accept together, but yes that is my humble opinion … and also a very big wish … love .. (Unknown)