Q0667. How did you know it is your twin?


I have been asking that question for a long time; I’d like to know how you knew your twin was your twinflame. How did you find out, what feelings did you have and does the other person know?

Answer 1
See, inter alia, questions 516 and 319. My twin husband only knew that he was my twin after I had told it online. He responded energetically: I felt my shock through my heart chakra. He thought for another year and a half that another was my twin. We are, independently of each other, each involved in our own growth process, not together. We only have energetic contact and that is fantastic. (Unknown)

Answer 2
You just KNOW each other, without words we told each other. (Unknown)

Answer 3
If he is, you just know that. If you are in doubt, it is probably a deep spiritual bond. But a twinflame, you just notice that 100%. (Unknown)

Answer 4
The problem is often, if you know who your twinflame is, or if it is known that it is the twinflame, that the confusion only occurs afterwards. You just know that someone is your twinflame or not, that’s the determination in ourselves. But then comes the despair, because then the person and the experience gained by that twinflame are linked to the twinflame itself. These are two different things. People often think that the experience is: I am Piet Huppeldepup, I am a plumber and I stand parked around the corner. It is actually: I am a (your twin) soul but in this life I am gaining experience in the DE PERSOON of Piet Huppeldepup and also as a plumber and owner of a car parked around the corner. And that experience sometimes does not suit us in the moment because the other half must have a different experience at the time of the meeting,and then one soon doubts whether it is the only real other half. (Wieweet)

Answer 5
I pushed my pillow every night for the first few months after meeting and said, “Go away go away go away”, as if he were lying next to me (1 time that was true, I could literally feel it). “You are married, what do you get in your head, fagot on man! ”Crying, despair, he continued to pull me energetically. Then something strange happened: after two months I was influenced by it and after 6 months there finally came an ESP that he was my twinflame and I had peace with it. That man was in me and would never go out again. (Unknown)

Answer 6
But if the souls want to be together, the people will still go haha ​​so yes then I think the soul will make sure that eventually the people come together .. body, soul and spirit are one. (Unknown)

Answer 7
That came later, I met twin 10 years ago but I was still in the development phase I was 13 or so later, around the age of 20 when I had grown enough, much more came my way, if you were already together I had the idea that I see myself standing !! I ended up on websites later, so don’t miss out on recognition, a ‘part’ of you if you had only seen each other for a moment, that went through heart and soul. (Love E)

Answer 8
In fact, I know for sure that my twinflame knows nothing about it, or wants to know, but I only knew it three-quarters of a year after our first meeting. My life has taken a number of pretty violent turns, but it is now more than clear to me that everything has happened with the aim of getting him on my path and putting me to work, so that I can finally realize all the plans I had. . Through this I have regained my faith and every day it becomes clearer what the path is that I have to walk. My self-confidence has grown enormously and the inner ‘knowing’ that my twinflame and I will meet again at the right moment is stronger than ever. That way I know for sure that he will see what I already know and see … That he and I are more alike than he would like and that we have a very nice common goal. (Unknown)

Answer 9
I had to laugh very much at answer 4 because that is precisely what is literally haunting me now. After being confronted with it 24/7 (because yes, that’s how bad it is ..) you start to recognize patterns in this ‘Twin Dance’. Sometimes there are days when you are as high as a kite, full of love, for the other person and for yourself (but that is one I know now) And then you know that both are doing well, the best natural high ever is Which. But what goes up, must come down, and then you go back to the depths of your ego. The dependent moments full of frustration, incomprehension (why me? Why us? I never asked for this!) And that with cramped abdominal pain (in my case, and also gamble with him ..) Because we want to be together, but it is possible not. One half is in a relationship that goes well, and the other half must first find out its relationship with itself. It is asking the devil to put the 2 of us together, and we both know that very well. It seems that it is something very special, but if I am honest, I often do not see it. In addition, the timing is terrible, and it hurts me, physically, mentally and soulwise. Had it, and sometimes still, because it remains difficult not to be able to be with someone who makes you complete, and especially the incomprehension of people around you. Nobody who still understands you, nobody who can understand, it makes you so lonely in a certain sense. On the other hand there is the ‘knowledge’ that you now have the recognition that you are ‘stuck’ to each other (and therefore never alone) That symbolism and synchrony only make things more beautiful, you understand music better, art better, you see that there is a plan, you feel the future, but everything in your ratio or ‘common sense’ prevents you from even more pain and expectations that will not come true, because you do not know when that will happen .. For now I am stuck with a twin brother who knows exactly what my weaknesses are and that I would really like to stick behind the wallpaper 9 out of 10 times I believe. If only it were that easy! (Unknown) For the time being I am stuck with a twin brother who knows exactly what my weaknesses are and who I really want to literally stick behind the wallpaper 9 out of 10 times I believe. If only it were that easy! (Unknown) For the time being I am stuck with a twin brother who knows exactly what my weaknesses are and who I really want to literally stick behind the wallpaper 9 out of 10 times I believe. If only it were that easy! (Unknown)

Answer 10
Deep inside I only knew it I have denied it for a long time and it is not possible. now sometimes. I even had regression therapy in which he occurred. (was not the goal in itself but nice) and I see him in meditations. I only know him from a photo and if we will ever see each other I hope so. sometimes it drives me crazy because indeed you are (unknowingly) working on it 24/7 as mentioned above. this morning I had an enormous vibration all over my body became very nauseous and after that I called him (a bit as a test) and wow what an energy !! I got violent !! but beautiful. I would like to let him know (only that no expectation or so) of our band. I have a mail address that certainly works. (it feels good in my heart) only I didn’t get it from him personally. since every person can create a mail address in any name, I don’t dare. what do you think? just do it? thanks in advance .. nice to read the stories. (Unknown)