Q0666. Not ready for a lasting encounter with twinflame due to sexual orientation?


I had never heard of a twinflame. I was spiritual but not that way. Yet I probably met her. We have had a relationship for almost half a year. The contact with her felt so deep. When I looked into her eyes it felt like coming home. Whatever she did: it was good. The love for her felt so unconditional. I didn’t know that at all. It wasn’t a pink cloud that I was sitting on. The feeling came and stayed. Yet it was no longer possible because of my orientation. My preference is more for men than for women. In earthly life I cannot give her what she is looking for. I feel both male and female and she is a real heterosexual woman. I now wonder if it could be that my soul and maybe also her soul still have a way to go before we can really be together? She said that our souls have met each other before and have hurt each other a lot. Could that be possible? Greeting

Answer 1
Yes, you still have a way to go independently of each other, I think, due to our nature and nature, we automatically create the conditions for this. By the way, twinflames also do much good to each other in a life, or in another life. And you save that and take you into subsequent lives, not only the pain but also the good things. Maybe you had to reconcile yourself, and Do you already have a karma-free and “clean” basis and then (for a while) continue independently of each other, until the next assignment. (Unknown)