Q0650. Doubts to make you crazy?


Since my love and I are no longer together, I have had occasional contact with someone I also dated for him. I don’t need a new person at all, but this feels reasonably trusted and to be honest I only meet with him because he occasionally asks if we can see each other. We have nice conversations and we kiss too. Now I especially noticed the last time that I was not there at all with my thoughts. I also didn’t feel anything at all (not that strange of course, but the time before I could still join in nicely) It was like someone was pulling my mind. Then when I was in bed (alone) I felt my body fizzing (as if cola was flowing through my veins) and I could not sleep at all, despite the late time. The day of the date that took place in the evening I suddenly felt very angry with my love, that he gave it all up so easily. Could that failed date and the fact that I was angry caused him (his soul) to pull hard on me? Or am I just imagining this? I find it all so uncertain and occasionally I really doubt my mind. Then I think, who am I to be so arrogant to say that he is my twinflame or soulmate or something. He has no sign around his neck with twinflame from Marcelle. A good friend of mine always says he will definitely return (has visions). And that he only feels peace again when he is back with me. But that is exactly right, we were (are) both free and were together. And yet one of us gave up. He felt no peace at all. He found it confronting and he found the mirror scary (his words) while he is also fairly spiritual. His inferiority complex was also a huge obstacle to him. I really wanted to help him through that process. But it didn’t feel right to him anymore. What went wrong there? Twinflames miss each other too much not to be together, I don’t notice it now. I’m going to doubt again. On the other hand, it was very clear to me, the feeling I got and get from him is so special. Also just can’t let go. He sneaks into my head every time. And then really 23.5 hours out of 24 a day. But yes, what felt good to me does not necessarily have to feel good (anymore) to him, it now remains his truth. I often have headaches, feel tired all the time, and my mood goes up and down faster than ever. And my spiritual development goes so fast too. Pfff he only had a sign around his neck with twinflame on it, then I no longer had to think about it. What a hassle. Soon I will wait for nothing, because I will wait anyway. I don’t want anyone else anymore. I had this story pretty clear in my mind but I think it came out pretty confused. There are also more and more questions. And in the end you can hardly talk to anyone about it, people now think … you are not over him yet?

Answer 1
Dear M. keep talking about it. But dosed. Do you have a sister a neighbor a customer a chat character you name it, who says to you: Come on, everything you say, I believe it unconditionally, I know you longer than today and know from experience that you not just nonsense. Do you have it? 1, 2 or 3 are enough. Just as you probably know people, a bit strange for their environment, but which you in turn unconditionally believe in. The knife still cuts both ways. And today or tomorrow that unconditional believer can come into your life. When the student is ready, the master appears, say the Buddhists. greeting (Wieweet)

Answer 2
Hi dear M, doubts who doesn’t have them, it’s a wear and tear so gradually, and this morning I knew it all for sure haha ​​for as long as it lasts, though … actually you know, but you have small pieces fear … which is doubt, because you do not want to go alone and so do you like that .. exciting? no, cozy! yes, but it won’t be, dear contacts, attention who doesn’t want that, angry? can’t agree on my twin, I was uncertain, I am sure it will be alright. Go on living, go with the flow..lovers (Unknown)

Answer 3
Hello M, I always have doubts myself. That’s why I read your question. I wish I could say something to alleviate your pain, but you have to get through it and your twinflame too. I don’t think it was an easy decision. He has it. very difficult with itself. And there is nothing for you but to let him go. I now believe that your twinflame can feel it as a strong emotion, so that anger will be right. Sometimes I also doubt that he is my twinflame, but then I think about my feelings for him and I have never doubted that (I have doubted the other men with whom I have had a relationship). Do not listen to what others say, but listen to your inner voice. People who have not had the twinflame experience cannot understand what you are going through. My twinflame and I have had very clear conversations in my head for a few days now (after 16 years): how we are going to approach getting together (we are not free now). Really bizarre and amazing. We are much more the same than I thought. But sometimes I start to doubt and I think: this doesn’t exist? I just make it all up! Now I’m tired, I want a break, but then I miss the contact with him. And then I come to this site in the hope that he will write something here. The only thing you can do is work on your spiritual development. Your twinflame will also benefit from this. Send him lots of love! (Unknown) But sometimes I start to doubt and I think: this doesn’t exist? I just make it all up! Now I’m tired, I want a break, but then I miss the contact with him. And then I come to this site in the hope that he will write something here. The only thing you can do is work on your spiritual development. Your twinflame will also benefit from this. Send him lots of love! (Unknown) But sometimes I start to doubt and I think: this doesn’t exist? I just make it all up! Now I’m tired, I want a break, but then I miss the contact with him. And then I come to this site in the hope that he will write something here. The only thing you can do is work on your spiritual development. Your twinflame will also benefit from this. Send him lots of love! (Unknown)

Answer 4
I also recognize those doubts that sometimes arise. One moment you know everything for sure and the next you question everything. That is indeed fear, fear of the great unknown. I, like the one from the previous reaction, have had feelings for my twinflame for 16 years, I have only known for more than a year that he is my twinflame, only then did I come to sites like this and all the puzzle pieces fell into place. I have struggled for 16 years with feelings of guilt and a big secret, and that remains the same because I am married and do not want to leave my husband. I feel that there is room for my twin and me in the (distant) future, but it is not yet time for that. We are, however, slowly coming closer together. Regarding those dates; He has my twinflame too, is very looking for “something”. But he doesn’t find it and he says so. Not really strange if you are looking for something that you have already found … (A.)

Answer 5
To answer 3: I am the questioner. I think you have responded to a question from me once in which I wondered how someone would last 16 years. But that is why I do not respond … .. with your last part of those conversations in your head I suddenly thought, right? I suddenly had that yesterday. And then I thought, Marcelle now you are going crazyIt was a simple conversation but the answers came so quickly that I could hardly have come up with them myself. And when I told a friend that I really wanted to hear that he also misses me, I immediately heard in my head …. but I miss you girl too. And when I said I need you the answer was, no you don’t need me. If I think about it further, it is perhaps my inner voice that knows all those answers and tries to tell me so. Just like the double numbers of the angels that I keep seeing. 22.22 23.23 03.33 (insomnia even yesterday 22.44.44 (very nice) All numbers that say that I have to trust and that I am surrounded by angels. But really I am going to doubt my mind. You cannot share this with everyone because then you get a bit of a strange look, I guess.

Answer 6
that’s why you also feel nothing. But: maybe it is programmed for two years or so, and then by that time. you suddenly feel it! You know the stories of: We had known each other for years and suddenly the light came on? something like that. NB: if of course that is in your program for this life. And if you die, don’t die, but have passed over suffering, so leave for another dimension, then take off your coat. : your car crashed and then you get out. And who you are (soul), get out and leave, greetings (wieweet)

Answer 7 Answer 6
, you are right, I have seen it that way for some time, but why is it still so difficult…. is that karma? I have nothing at all with past lives and I think it is much more important that I understand it all now and I think I do, sometimes I read here of those confused stories about who we have once been etc … if you are in your last life you don’t have to deal with that much anymore, or is it about “surrendering to” … (Unknown)

Answer 8
To Wieweet. I think I have no connection with the other person. Not in the future either. That is clear to me. It is to show me that I must not stray from my true love. That’s why it doesn’t feel right, I feel nothing. I know he’s coming back, when I see that. The download program probably has some errors here and there to get you started again. Just show where you belong. (M.)

Answer 9
Answer 7: I think differently about this: If you are in your last life then you may still have to go through all sorts of things from previous lives, redoing for common good and well-being, making good with former killers and other militant sadists, who now in this life – temporarily – became my best friends, really! The only man with whom I wanted to cross-pollinate in this life, and so on, treated me very badly 390 years ago. My life is holographic compared to all previous lives together, so I do something about every life I have lived, also how I died I had to do it again, gone through the eye of the needle but without fear. Or do I put something straight from a previous life, the dots on the i. My CV looks crazy too haha.Holiday and travel: only with a purpose, which is also holographically determined so.My whole life I am a! l at work to “complete” all lives. Very nice indeed, by the way. An old soul looking for old money …. weird funds always come by lol. My twin is a specialist and I think he does 1 special thing about it with a long study and a long career in 1 specific direction. We are also complementary as a twinflame, I fragmented and he specially 1 thing nml. medicine. I feel that the profession that he is now practicing (doctor) that he is now practicing for the third time, always for a different reason in a different spirit of the times. No, the last life is hard work. sort out at a specific time, my twin makes me work (energetically) and I don’t do it or postpone it, well I know! Sleepless and a pounding heart! Could it be, because you feel it is all going so slowly that it will come because in a previous life you have done everything too quickly or have chased others and then put your patience to the test in this life! is being asked? Is not meant to be negative though. But I know from others that gaining life experiences in the now can be a contradiction to a past life. For example, I have a sister, who has spent almost her entire life in a social home with benefits and a curator. / supervisor, she actually has no control over her life. Through her birth chart I found out that she had abused her power in a previous life. So past lives, don’t underestimate it. The soul doesn’t care about earthly time .

Answer 10
I recognize the feeling that “cola flows through your veins”. I have had that for a while, especially in my hands and sometimes feet especially at night. I have sometimes thought what is wrong with me anyway. It will then have had to do with the twinflame event. I haven’t had it for a long time but now it is starting to come back again, difficult if you want to sleep yes. I sometimes have doubts. But I think that in such a moment you have to look yourself in the eye and if you see the same thing as you saw with your twinflame (if you once had eye contact with your twinflame) then you know enough. (Unknown)