Q0642. Surrender to how it goes?


So often things are written that I hope they are for me, but also messages that I hope they do not hit me .. flung back and forth in feelings and I’m fed up with it .. this takes me too much energy and like last someone wrote; I want to remain in control of my own life. my twin knows how to find me if he wants to see me and that is enough..I will live my life and will not let me be influenced anymore. this site helped me to grow, it was an anchor and now it is an addiction, a relationship with words on a computer. i like the real thing more..i surrender to life, to what it has to offer me and that is a lot..loving all..greetings

Answer 1
I think this is the right choice for you … (L.)

Answer 2
Then it won’t help you now. you can very well have both; this here is not a soul love, this is a place to grow, a breeding ground and a drain. the real thing is in yourself. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Sorry, dear mirror, still have to respond, your message looks very much like mine, isn’t it? will be quiet here when we both leave , but I’ll take a “time out”, love (J.)

Answer 4
Thank you, yes fear of attachment is rotten, abandonment fear too, think that we all suffered traumas in our childhood and then it was nice to encounter your twin, mirroring nicely and overcome fears together. My twin also has fear of attachment, well I take my hat off myself, I struggled through everything and gradually I start to feel pretty schizophrenic because twin and I have contact but in real zero pressure. I think it’s time to emigrate, because I don’t know how long I will keep this up. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Yes, I also suffer from fear of attachment and abandonment. And I have met my twinflame. (Unknown)