Q0636. Two relationships?


Do more of you have the idea of ​​having 2 relationships? An earthly one with your partner and a heavenly one with your twin? I find Errruugg tiring. Do not know which of the 2 I find the most difficult, partner knows nothing about twin and I see in the earthly but without earthly contact. I notice that it is starting to break me up, the contact with twin is difficult, we do have contact but according to his rules. And I absolutely understand that and he also knows that I will always be there for him, but I have decided to take a step back from his contact, it causes confusion and unfortunately it costs me too much effort and energy, it destroys me this way. He knows where to find me when he is ready, I am patient.

Do you know what strikes me? (I am the questioner), that at the same time similar messages and poems appear again, even data that turns out to be similar … are we all tuned in at the same time to the same frequency or something? if we all focus on love and gratitude, (and clarity haha) would that help? (Unknown)

Answer 1
Game rule 3, even if you are tired and actually want to sleep, continue to puzzle until you find another missing piece, succeeded after 4 hours of puzzling, pfffff is this real? I’m sooooo tired. (Unknown)

Answer 2
What are the rules 1 and 2 then? sometimes I also think it’s a game, is it real? but I know that I am loved and that it is not a game but a learning process. my courage is sometimes exhausted but it is good for ‘our’ development, only I think it is gradually enough. yes it seems like everyone is at the same point and that there is a lot of understanding but also a lot of confusion..lovers (M.)

Answer 3
At the end of 2009 I indicated to my twin that I knew that we were soulmates, I suspect that the communication with the person who mirrors us was based on that. Actually that is the only piece of the puzzle that I would like to find, I am now convinced but a real confirmation would be very nice for our mirror. It doesn’t really matter to me, I absorb and filter, I am just like a sponge once in a while haha, but the other person has no earthly contact and then it becomes very difficult. love from me (unknown)

Answer 4
Yes, in fact you also have two relationships. Two very different ones. One in the earthly with all the earthly things of it and one in the spiritual and at the same time the earthly in case you sometimes see your twin in real life. And it is certainly difficult. I often get in trouble with my guilt feelings while I know I can’t help it. My twinflame is there and I have done nothing to get it into my life. That was determined so. I no longer look very far ahead. I live by the day and occasionally I look back into the past to relive the beautiful moments. And furthermore I see it all. I try to pick the day and enjoy those moments when we are together or talking. (A.)

Answer 5
Thank you for your comments, @ antw2, we have abolished the rules because I do not like puzzling at all , it is good as it is, just the “knowing” together makes you so strong that no mountain is too high, I believe in fairy tales , love (J.)

Answer 6
To ANS.3 We all do mirroring here and nobody knows exactly who posted what … because everyone has the same problem that you are not ‘really’ talking to each other, so the intuition and desire are wrong. . Yes, some mirrors look very much alike .. love you / your mirror who in turn is sometimes mirrored by …? but you have to think of every mirror you grow..loves (Unknown)

Answer 7
Dear all, here the questioner. Yes this site is actually a very big mirror for us all. And then I see an H passing by and immediately shoot into the stress again and sit down to do my puzzles again (I really have a hatred !!), and then I know for sure … I’m going to take a break from this … .. it is good as it is, I have to let time do its work and do not want to have unnecessary ballast due to confusion, that cannot be the intention! I know about myself and twin knows that too, I would really like to have contact on earth level just without expectations, but it is not necessary, it is necessary, it is good as it is and above all follow your heart, it will show you the way and don’t let ego guide you. So dear everyone, I am not here, if I am there again I will report with my own initial, love (J.)