Q0635. Is this the intention?


If you never see your twin because he does not want / dare / can / may how should you continue to believe in that love? I believe in it but I have ‘nothing’ to say, it is not tangible for me, it is so painful to continue in this way .. I am back to finished .. with nothing, because that’s how it feels a beautiful life but there is a hole in my heart that literally hurts..so sad

Answer 1
I recognize what you say so clearly !!! Why that grief, why that intense pain, why all that trouble, that fight when you have nothing left of it? Ow, how I recognize that feeling !!! Give my portion to Fikkie, I guess. Get it quickly away from me again because it makes me crazy. Fortunately, the days that I feel that way are getting less and less. But they still occur once a week !!!! For the rest, I can take advantage of the fact that I have met my sweet twin; I grow, I grow stronger, I change in my favor, I can see the challenge, the beauty of this whole event. I can feel really happy at times! But again: why if it is that heavy, do we not get a ‘gift’ from time to time, which means that we have the courage to keep going? A gift in the form of ‘love of your twin’ in whatever way. My twin doesn’t want to see me, doesn’t want to know anything about me, tries to bury our encounters and our special contact as deeply as possible. How happy I would be with a tiny bit of attention. For example, seeing that he has visited my website. Then I would know that I have not completely forgotten. (L.)

Answer 2
Dear questioner, patience and surrender is the toughest lesson, I also have to deal with it. Everything has a reason, you are already ready, accept…. it’s good the way it is … and being sad is allowed, but don’t get stuck in it, because you won’t get involved with it at all. love (J.)

Answer 3
Back to finish? Are you serious, does that really feel like that? You are still transforming? I’m in the same boat, but I’m busy with detachment. Detachment with the aim of getting it better with my twin. Not that it is going bad now. I have not felt pain for a year. Also no empty hole in my heart anymore. I have a very strong twin with whom it has been for years going uphill. He has a strong discipline and responsibility and everything works for him. That gives me a lot of energy. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Perhaps you can be very happy because you do not disturb each other in your separate process! I now realize how important it is not to disturb each other in that. Now is the time for that! Sharing it with each other will come. (Unknown)

Answer 5
@ antw3, I am not the person asking the question but I am asking question 636, and I know it is incredibly debilitating if you yourself have gone through your process and your twin continues to “refuse” to give any earthly confirmation, that does not hold a person full in the long run! and if there is also great confusion for a long time, then I understand exactly what the questioner is going through. I, too, only have to do it with a single glance or nod and then I am supposed to understand, very difficult !! Clarity, but without expectations, is very important at some point in this process !!!!, you can of course always throw it on “uncertainty of the other” but yes we are all people and there are limits (J. )

hi everyone, I am the questioner, this was a moment in my transformation in which I just didn’t see it anymore and which occur less and less but still, and to be very honest I actually wanted to provoke a response from my twin (I confess) ), And as so often I have the feeling that he is among them but I have been mistaken a lot of times .. and yes I miss him every day but it is good as it goes, I have to and want to trust that .. love to everyone (Unknown)

Answer 6
But is there no clarity in the energetic field? That replaces earthly clarity? At least that’s how it goes with us, the soul communication is perfect, that makes it oh so bearable! That takes away all doubts. (Unknown)

Answer 7
Recognizable. I think for many of us. One half of twinflames is usually farther than the other and that causes these problems. I am now in a phase that I can look forward to days with a loving look or gesture or word. But I also see very little of my twinflame, so not much is coming from him at the moment. And when I know that we are going to see each other, I unknowingly and unintentionally expect too much. And then there is disappointment because his ego comes to the fore again and he hides behind it. Sometimes I have the feeling that I am bursting with cracks when I think of him and especially when I look at him in real life. Pff. After all, you remain a person of flesh and blood. I think you get power to “cross” as they used to say. You can handle more than you think. If it wasn’t, we were not chosen to know our twinflames. But it is tough. (Unknown)

Answer 8
I have a proposal to make you known anonymously as a twin to your other half, post a one-time message with the forum name or initial of your twin (you must know for sure!) Or another name that your twin can recognize, only your twin will then know if it came from him / her. That would be of very great value with several (I am now behind) twins, surely we have nothing to do with confusion? takes so much negative energy, we all need each other, so let’s all be strong. (J.)

Answer 9
Dear questioner and J, it is indeed debilitating if you have not made a clear agreement with twin in advance, otherwise it is with us: my twin sweetheart has clearly said that we will meet later but that it may take a while, he must first through his process. One twin says it beforehand to his other half and the other does not and the latter is the case with the questioner. (Unknown)

Answer 10
To answer 6, yes clarity in the energetic field makes it more bearable, only if you do not get this confirmed in real life, you will sometimes become uncertain after years, if I did not have that energetic I would have long since thrown it in ! in fact that energetic and intuitive has led me to the point where I am now, without confirmation or clarity of twin for twin it is clear, but for me it is very thick coffee or something .. but how do you know that the soul communication is perfect is unknown)

Answer 11
@ answer 10 Yes how do I know now NOT. You feel that? The immediate reactions on his part, even now that I am typing this, I feel a kind of temperature increase in my heart chakra. As soon as I press send, the energy in my heart chakra returns to normal. Everything that concerns my twin affects him immediately and vise versa, that goes on 24 hours a day. There is no question of a blockade with us. I don’t know how it can be even more perfect. (Unknown)