P0706. Half an hour


I can’t forget
It’s too deep.
What I experienced is more than a memory
It’s like it’s stuck in me,

Am I kidding myself?
Am I imagining things?
My feeling says not
My mind makes me wander in the time we had.
You are gone and I miss a part of myself.

Every time you are there it is good
Then I feel that I am coming home to you
Your children are so natural around me
Feel this and give me a place
Without asking without thinking we are where we are.
You laugh and share and tell about anything and everything.

After 30 minutes we say goodbye to each other
Again there are 6 nights
Again there are days that I don’t see you but that I do feel
I feel our conversation in everything within me ..

I see you sitting, I talk to you, I share with you, but
you are not physically there.
Yet you are certainly there, but our experience is very different and
we feel the same together, but it is not called the same.
The distance is not a distance, only a personal growth from each other to each other.

Nobody knows if it will ever be together.
If it should be that it is given to us ..
Happiness has many faces.
I will recognize you if you take on a different form and if you stand in front of me, I know for sure.
I will feel like no other and you will see yourself again in me and the peace will come.

Now we both fight against the mirror of life.
The power that was released after our relationship had an impact that she was unparalleled.
We both got the hand of God and it was that energy that made us grow,
that showed us who we really are.

However, our meeting was not only based on a wise lesson, we started to love each other in an adult way.
And now we are both looking for unconditionality, and at the time it was there,
we didn’t know what to do with it.
Unfair? Not if you can degenerate as we both do.

This inner growth is not based on a period.
The real wisdom starts in this growth and it never stops.
We both move to a different platform and we will have to be patient.

The half hour is worth gold.
I want you to know that I will be eternally grateful to you.
Will be grateful for who you were, who you are and for who you are going to become.

Dear you, sincerely I can tell you that I love you!