Q0069. I wonder if it is possible to meet your twinflame via the internet (chat)?


Since a few weeks I have been chatting with a man (he is married) in Soulseek (music program). It clicked immediately between us, a feeling of knowing and recognizing. Very strange I can’t explain it … we don’t know what we look like from each other either. He thinks it’s strange too, said today that he didn’t want to lose me! And he also suddenly told me today that he loved me …. when I read that I got a strange feeling (not unpleasant) in my stomach. But from time to time I doubt whether it would be wise to continue with this … I have already bumped my nose enough, I told him too. But we also cannot and will not stop … very strange. I hope you can explain this.

Answer Yes !
This is the most common way. A survey by http://www.freewebs.com/twinsoulsweb/ shows that the internet with 33% is the number 1 meeting place for twinflames. Follow your feelings, that’s always right. (Tiny)

I also met my soul love through chat, but at the time I did not know it had a name. I can only say follow your heart! It is the best experience you can get in your life! (Unknown)