Q0626. Why let go?


Love that overcomes does not have to let go. Successful twinflames experience a lot and have to endure a lot, extreme confrontations. Through all confrontations you conquer all sides of the ego 1 by 1. If that happened after a lot of terrible pain, you will notice that you are still standing, even though so much has collapsed. Then there is no pain, jealousy, anger or fear left. No accusations, no negativity, absolutely nothing but pure love. That love is then understanding, forgiving, unconditional! Then you are ready for each other. The key is: To prove the “Unconditionality” of this love on your part, regardless of the actions of your twinflame. Letting go then means ‘possessiveness in earthly eyes’ letting go and realizing that you are 1, and you don’t have to possess each other. You are always together. What we have always learned about normal relationships, we should not try to apply to this beautiful love. This love is different, it is pure and divine and free. This is how we should treat and see the other! No conditions, no jealousy … But grant all the best in the world. Even if you have to sacrifice yourself for them. Don’t be afraid, because they are always with us. Once that level is reached, you can be together. Only when all dependence and fear have been overcome. Being together, not because you can’t live without each other (because you have to let go and grow in your own happiness), but because you (even though you can live without each other) want to be together and have earned each other. You have to want to be together (in relation) for the right reason and it cannot be because of possessiveness, fear, lack, pain, insecurity (ego) … This is overcome, and IF that happened, the only thing that brings you together is deep unconditional love. And then you can have a relationship. Those are successful twinflames! If you let go, there are still lessons to be learned. Work on yourself and dispel that ego. If it gets too much, look in the mirror and find the other in your eyes. Look deeply and realize that he / she is in you and no one else can give them that, and you are one with them. Get optimism and power and energy from that and trust in this love. It’s there for you! This is your destiny and you don’t have to let this go. Never ever. But first you have to endure a lot, and at certain times it is going very fast and it is very tough. But do not give up, because it is part of the process. What do you get in return? EVERYTHING!!! Good luck everyone.

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of your twin. unconditional love, nice that someone finally writes this way .. totally agree !!! .. love (Unknown)

Answer 2
Which guru wrote this? nicely worded, I totally agree with you and I am ready, the question is only if the universe agrees with that, love. (Unknown)

Answer 3
I have never let go. Know my twin from the earliest embryo beginnings. Feeling guilty when someone else deflowered me, while my twinflame was almost 1 year old! Only saw my twinflame when he was almost 33 years old! (Unknown)

Answer 4
Beautifully worded and oh so true! (Unknown)

Answer 5
Talking about letting go: I met a sweetheart of my twinflame in this life, they were each other’s love 400 years ago! My twin and I were in the service of the VOC, in Japan (I was not allowed to go ashore, because of the normal ship people) and independently of each other we traveled there, one after the other. My twin was a surgeon (he is in this life also a surgeon, not for special purpose / bag filling but for general benefit and wellbeing) and had a Yuki, an animated girl. I met her in Japan 28 years ago and she recognized me immediately and I recognized her too! And her name is Yuki! She has seen something of my twin in me because we share the same soul, you see? And vice versa, because he is my twin and I therefore share his soul, I have also recognized her. The soul lets go but stores everything, wonderfully Hey.

Answer 6 Just
sit here reading with tears in my eyes! because I am so happy and so happy. I am tired and completely exhausted from the process, but I keep going, I have grown a bit further this week, I looked inside myself (there is the answer) and came to a lot of insights and it rained afterwards of signs. Lots of love and happiness for everyone! Love (E.)

Answer 7
@ antw5, I think if you have reached the level of question 626. (E.)

Answer 8
I have read it again .. such a beautiful conviction .. I totally believe in it .. dear grtjs. (Unknown)
Comment Thank you everyone. I hope it helped someone. (Unknown)

Answer 9
Thank you for these wonderful words !. When I just don’t know anymore, when I get scared, I read nr 626 and then I am full of confidence again .. (Unknown)

Answer 10
What wise words … so sensible. Thanks. Maybe this is what I needed. I’m going to copy and paste your words so that I can always read them. If that is allowed of course. Thank you very much! (Unknown)